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Let’s Appreciate What We Have

One of best way of getting satisfaction in life is appreciating what we have in life then just wasting life in the hope of getting more things. Mostly, people run behind things which they do not have and they do not appreciate or enjoy things which they have. It is very important to enjoy or appreciate special things, opportunities and people in our lives before looking towards other things.
This is common story for large population of world which is extremely unsatisfied with its present situation and it only thinks that it can become happy when it can get more things, achievements or success in life. However, in reality these people always remain unhappy because when they get one thing in life then desire for other things emerges in them. It is very important to come out of this vicious circle to live a fulfilling life. By generating this ability to appreciate present situations, outcomes and people in our life, we can become satisfied and happy people.

 These kinds of satisfied and happy people make others happy too and they do attract more happy situations in their life. On the other hand, unsatisfied people remain busy in chasing life and they miss all happiness stored for them in ordinary things of life. It is very important to have art of appreciating life because in this way, we learn to see beauty of small -2 things present in our life. When we appreciate life then life does appreciate us in return and we enjoy a great and happy life in this world.

Life can only be enjoyed in present and we can’t hope to enjoy our life in future. Once you miss an opportunity to enjoy life, you miss it forever because time which passes away never comes back to us. Therefore, it is very important to understand importance of present and doing things which we truly want to do now.

To live a free life, we are required to break restrictions put by others on us. In present fast life, it is not possible for us to make everyone happy and there are limits on us to do things for others. It is very important to have balance in life by having clear idea that how much we can do for others and how much time we need for ourselves.

I have a strong belief that whenever one feels bad, depressed or upset about something; there is a way to feel better. Just look around with your eyes open, and you would definitely find someone else in a worse situation than yours. Looking at that person you might actually feel ashamed and appreciate that your problems are trivial compared to what the other person might be facing.

It might actually be a good idea to spend a minute daily to reflect upon what all we really have, what all God gave us and be thankful.

Equal Respect For All Jobs- One Thing I Learned in US


There are  lot of ills in American society but my stay here have made me understand that there are so many good values in American culture and the good ones outclass the bad. I believe that it is due to these good values that America could become the most developed country.

One of the things I like in America is the respect they give for all jobs. Be a bus driver, engineer, professor, office assistant or businessman you get the same respect. But is it like that in India?

Every single job is equal and respectful in America. No body makes fun of people who work as a cobbler or bathroom cleaners or any other labor work, but in India, oh god people are treated on the basis of their job. They think only poor and uneducated people should work in lower level jobs like cleaning, butcher or cobbler.
Even a meat cutter in US, he takes so much pride in his job. But in India does a meat cutter ever take pride of his job? Does he get any respect in the society?

In America, women can do everything like men does and they have got the equal opportunity and look at them they have reached in all the higher posts like men. While, in India women are treated so differently. They do not get that much of respect. They have never got equal opportunity and freedom. They can’t even wear the clothes they want.

Majority of Indians have a wrong concept of jobs. It is 60 years since British left India but the concept of master-slave mentality still exists. Most of the senior officials in the Government sector have official car with a driver. Most of the times when the official comes near the car the driver has to keep the door open and in some cases salute him. Why can’t that official open the car? The official thinks that driver being in the lower level of job hierarchy compared to him has to show respect to him this way. Isn’t it a kind of slavery?

Most of the offices in India have peons. The main job they do in office is to transfer files from one cubicle to another within the office and also provide snacks to all employees. I have seen so many times these people are treated with utter disrespect. They are not even allowed to sit in front of the other higher-grade employees.

In US, I have seen in some places the janitor who comes to clean the offices goes to their professors office, pulls a chair, sits there and talks to him. I don’t know what they talk but the point here is that a janitor in US can sit in front of a professor and talk. Can we imagine such a thing happening in India? Can a peon working in India can ever pull up a chair; sit in front of the professor and talk? If he does that it may be the last time he will be doing that. I believe this concept of equal respect for all job/workers is one of the many things we Indians should learn from the Americans.

Someone told me that once a Professor from IIT came to US and joined in some school in Engineering department. He went to the Social Security office to get his SSN card after a week he arrived. There was a big queue in the SSN office. There one person told him to stand at the end of the queue. Instead he went to the security officer and told, “I am a Professor in this school. I am here to get my SSN”. The security officer told him to go and stand in the queue. He again told them about his credentials. The security officer replied, “ If you have come to apply for the SSN you have to stand in the queue. We don’t have a separate line for Professors”. He stood in the queue for more than 1 hour, did all the formalities and came out. On his way back he was so upset that he had to stay in the queue.

Bottom line is :-

One of the good values that is practiced in US- EQUAL RESPECT FOR ALL JOBS

Fresh ho Jao..

chura lo na
Kuch boondein
chura lo na
Thaki si zindagi se
ruki si zindagi se
kuch lamhe chura lo na
Kuch yaadein
kuch sapne apne chura lo na
Thaki si zindagi se
ruki si zindagi se
raftaarein chura lo na…


That’s the Limca Fresh ho Jao commercial.It refreshed me even without the limca and the splashing water. 🙂
The advertisement had a certain feel-good factor which drags you into its mood no matter what. The simple lyrics pep you up completely. Try listening to it and/or watching the video first thing in the morning – and you’ll understand its magic.

Truly refreshing!

Addiction to Facebook !!


Today, Internet has become an integral part of our life and so we are seeing many online addictions among people. One of such latest online addiction is addiction to As per many latest studies, large numbers of people from across the world are suffering from it. Facebook addiction has become very common phenomenon and  it is believed that every third person is now addicted to internet and facebook is one major reason of this addiction.

You won’t find Facebook Addiction Disorder in a medical textbook, but more and more folks are finding it harder and harder to stay away from the social network.

A few experts have thrown around the figure of some 350 million FAD sufferers — about half of Facebook’s total membership log on at least once a day.

In recent times, Facebook has emerged as very popular social networking website where people can easily remain in contact of their friends. When people find their friends on facebook then they also spend lots of time on facebook doing various things like chatting, gaming, sharing etc. This trend is very common among teenage group which loves to spent time on facebook. This trend of facebook is becoming common among large numbers of people from across the world and from all age groups. Today, Facebook addiction is not only restricted to young generation but it is also common to find elderly people enjoying their time on facebook.

Cynthia Newton, mother of 12 yr old girl says, she checks Facebook first thing when she wakes up, and then she checks her Facebook page as many as seven times while at work, and then she’ll check Facebook again when she gets home and one more time before she goes to sleep. If you’ve been keeping count, that’s about 10 times a day.

Experts believe that it is not wrong to use facebook but it can effect negatively to any person’s health if he uses facebook too much. Facebook addiction also has same side effects like other online addictions and may cause many health related problems if people are spending too much time online. However, it is very hard to stop facebook from entering more deep in to our lives because facebook is becoming more and more popular among people and it is crossing all boundaries.

Punctuation Is Powerful


An English professor wrote the words:

“A woman without her man is nothing”

on the chalkboard and asked his students to punctuate it correctly.

All the males in the class wrote:
“A woman, without her man, is nothing.”

All the females in the class wrote:
“A woman: without her, man is nothing.”

Punctuation is powerful !!


How Steve Jobs Met His Wife…

Co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc – Steve Jobs needs no introduction.  I have the highest regard for Steve Jobs. Jobs is a name to consider with in the field of personal computing.

How many people start a billion-dollar business in their garage in their early twenties? How many people can lead the field in three separate industries? (Music– the iPod has revolutionized the way music is delivered; Movies– Pixar is one of the world’s most successful animation studios; and Computing- Apple’s devotion to sexy design and ease of use is legendary.)

Jobs created Apple, together with Steve Woznaik, in his garage.

Pancreatic cancer fails to cripple this guy. Jobs recently unveiled the iPad 2.

While he may look frail and weak, his spirit stays unbroken. So what is it that distinguishes Jobs from the rest? What is it that puts him in a different league altogether? It’s his vigorous attitude.

Jobs’ vision, entrepreneurial skills, upbeat attitude, his ability to think out of the box and tremendous self belief are some qualities that are worth following. Hats off to Steve Jobs!

Jobs asks himself an unforgettable question every time he is faced with a big choice: “What would I do if this was the last night of my life?” Powerful idea behind that! He met his wife (Laurene Powell) like that.

He was giving a university address a number of years back. She was sitting in the audience. He fell for her and approached her after the event. She gave him her number. He wanted to take her out for dinner that very night but had a business meeting on the book. Life’s like that. On his way back to his car, he asked himself (the Steve Jobs question) “What would I do if this was the last night of my life?” He ran back to the auditorium, found the woman and took her out. They’ve been together ever since.

“Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith. I’m convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did. You’ve got to find what you love” – STEVE JOBS

May God Bless Him !!!

Search For Happiness …

“Bagiya bagiya balak bhage, tettli phir bhi haath na lage,
Is pagle ko kaun bataye, dhoond raha hai jo tu jag mein,
Koi jo paaye to mann mein hi paaye”


I have been searching for happiness…..all in the world….I found nothing…

Someone told me dat happiness is in making others happy,I made others happy ,but still my search didn’t end… Another one said dat happiness is a matter of love…love sum1 n u’ll feel happy, I did dat also…..n all I got is sadness n pain. My search, still continues.. Others said to wait for it, I waited soooo long…but it never came to me. Not knowing what to do..

I sat in peace n ask my heart dat what is the matter? Why after doing so many things, m still unhappy? Why I always chase for happiness n get nothing…

My heart said silently….”The day when u start to live widout any expectations, The day when u start living for me(my heart), The day when u start understanding the meaning of life, The day when u start living for urself…..U’ll get what all u want. Expectations hurts, Company of others makes u lonely, and past gives u pain…. So start living for urself, live for today, U are the one who can make urself happy……”

And then I found dat he was right…… My heart whom I have been ignoring for so long, is d reason why m alive, after giving so much pain n chaos to it, it still beats for me,,, supports me, trust me, undertsands me.

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