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Google Music Service- A True Excitement!

Hooked onto the net, the first URL you are bound to type in is! It is a common thing each individual follows and therefore it is indeed the largest search engine in the world!They say, when you have hope, you will see that every cloud has a silver lining and here, we have been noted that after the removal of Google videos, this company has started another exciting venture for all Googlers called as the Google music service.

The Google music service will provide to each user a secured account where you can store your own personalized digital music wherein you can play your favorite hits on your comp or on your android or smartphone. Using Google music service is rather easy because the user will have to install a small program on the Windows machine wherein it will automatically upload the entire collection to the cloud, so even if you are away from your computer, you can still access your account from any website.

The Google music service provides to you the ability to store around 20 thousand odd songs to the cloud for free, which is why there are a lot of users questioning on when to get started, but the devastating news is that this Google Music Service has only started in the United States and not elsewhere!

Be Happy for others

I read an article recently that talked about how people find a secret satisfaction in seeing others fail, especially if those people happen to be your competitors. Whether its your friends or co-workers or family members, if they are comparable to you in any way and they do better than you at something it causes a person to feel jealous. I suppose its hard to watch someone else do better than you.

But does feeling good about other’s failures not reflect on your own status? If you are happy with your life, would you really feel the need to be unhappy about other’s good fortune or feel good about other’s misfortune? How does that alter your own life? What difference does it really make to you? If someone else is dumber than you, it might make you feel smarter in the moment but in the long run it would only limit your intelligence. If someone else is poorer than you, it might make you feel rich in comparison but your actual wealth would not change. If someone else is uglier than you, you might feel prettier when you are around them but what happens when you are out among others?

I know its human nature to want the best for yourself, to have that slight competitive spirit, to want to do better than others and succeed in all your endeavours. There is nothing wrong with that but if you focus more on your personal goals & satisfaction instead of evaluating your success by constant comparison to others, wouldn’t you come out happier? When I see my friends and family succeed, I’m genuinely happy for them. I feel proud of the fact that they are in my life. I love to be happy for other’s happiness. Everyone deserves a little bliss and joy multiplies with people. I hope people can put aside their own agendas from time to time and enjoy the happiness in being happy for others 🙂

The Soap Addiction Girl – Tempestt Henderson

Have you ever got addicted to something?

You might have heard about addiction to smoking , drugs , alchohol or may be even chalk eating among the kids but the world is full of strange people and incidents. There are some people in the world who have weird addictions which will blow your mind.

A 19-year-old girl Tempestt Henderson from Florida has a strange kind of addiction of eating soaps and detergent powders.
She loves to consume soap five times a day along with detergent powder as she feels the sweet and salt taste of the detergents is something she can never let go off.

This soap addiction of Tempestt Henderson , started at a very young age when she accidentally dipped her fingers into detergent powder and tasted it. After that incident she felt the need to eat soap. Being hooked to this kind of a soap addiction, she could be a victim to a lot of health problems which can even be fatal if she does not stop.

According to sources, She eats around five to six bars of soap everyday and doctors have also warned her parents that their daughter will soon die if she has no control over this soap addiction. Tempestt Henderson ‘s parents, especially her mum states that she is glad her daughter is addicted to soap other than other drugs in the market which are even more deadlier.

This 19-year-old American girl who is a nursing student is well aware of this soap addiction outcome and in spite of that she still continues to enjoy eating soap to ease her food craving.

Doctors state that this soap addiction which the young girl is suffering from is known as PICA which is a rare disorder and at present she in the hospital getting treated before it is too late. People suffering form PICA have been known to compulsively eat metal, coins, chalk, batteries and toothbrushes. It can often be caused by a mineral deficiency

She QUOTES,”In the shower, I like to lather up a green bar of soap, and lick the bubbles. And as the soap disintegrates, I pop a tiny amount of the soap into my mouth and suck it. It’s heavenly. I love the clean feeling it gives me. Eating soap feels so much cleaner than just washing with it.”

Stop Being a Caterpillar

“How does one become a butterfly?” she asked.

“You must want to fly so much, you are willing to give up being a caterpillar! (Trina Paulus ~ Hope for the Flowers).

We remain ‘caterpillars’ when

* We get so caught up with the everyday work that we forget that we’re made for greater things.

* We dream small because we’re too scared of the consequences of dreaming great dreams.

* We stick to old ways of doing things because the routine is so familiar, any change will make us insecure.

* We hold on to a relationship that doesn’t let us grow, because we’re frightened that if we let it go, we’ll be unloved.

* We don’t admit our mistakes, and move on, because we fear that people will not like us if they know the ‘real’ person.

* We keep saying ‘Yes’ even when we don’t want to, because we’d rather be popular than happy.

* We hide our talents because we’re afraid that people

* We don’t admit our mistakes, and move on, because we fear that people will not like us if they know the ‘real’ person.

* We keep saying  might laugh at us when we showcase them.

The list could go on….

Most often we’re afraid to risk losing our comfort zone and end up dying a caterpillar, when we’re meant to be beautiful butterflies!

The Power of Words

This video is only a few minutes, but the message is tremendous! Our words…. what we say and HOW we say it makes the difference in what we experience in life……



….. What are your words creating for you?

Here’s to continuing the Journey….  refining our words to create harmony, joy, and abundance.

Toyota’s Small Car to be Launched in India On 27th June

The Toyota Etios Liva hatchback will be launched by Toyota Kirloskar on 27th June in Delhi. The new hatchback’s launch was delayed due to the huge demand for the Etios sedan. The Etios liva is Toyota’s first hatchback to enter the Indian car market.

Toyota had first displayed the Etios sedan and the Etios Liva hatchback at last year’s Delhi Auto Expo. Toyota is banking on the Etios Liva hatchback to make the carmaker’s presence felt in the Indian volume car segment. The maker of the Innova and Fortuner has so far concentrated only on mid segment vehicles.

Toyota has been hugely encouraged by the sales of the Etios sedan. The Japanese carmaker has already delivered more than 20,000 Etios cars in India. Toyota had to work overtime at its Bangalore plant to meet the increasing demand for the Etios.

According to top reports, Toyota wants to sell 60,000 units of the Etios sedan and the Etios Liva hatchback. Toyota Kirloskar’s DMD Marketting Sandeep Singh said, The carmaker was hoping to get a positive response on the Etios Liva from its customers. He added, the new car’s technical specifications and price will be announced during the launch.

Why Some People Speak More?

We see many people around us who are very good in speaking. They speak up to several hours uninterruptedly. They may know the topic or not,that is not the issue. They will speak. We can say this is some kind of complex. These kind of people are every where. Everyone have some friends of this type. What make them to speak so uninterruptedly?

There are many reasons behind this. First the common one is superiority complex. This kind of people think that they are smartest creature on the earth and everybody around them is a fool. They think that they have the maximum knowledge of the matter. Therefore everybody should come to them for their advice. Everybody will find this kind of person at some time in their life. These people have developed this habit because of the success of their earlier same behavior. They take this behavior granted for making a good place in society. But this is not the right thing. This behavior may give someone some success initially. However this behavior is going to fail in long terms, when they got more complex person then them.

Second is due to the habit of ‘me’ first. This is also a kind of complex or habit which makes the person habitual of jumping in to everything irrespective of its knowledge. They want to give their advice and that to in first place. These kinds of people are not like the first ones. Here the behavior is habitual and not planned. They are just obsessed with this kind of behavior.These people have not grown mentally. A child always remains in them and inferiority complex may also be the other reason.

 Third is the forced behavior. Many times we live in families, where we are listened only if we say forcefully and repeatedly, which makes us use this type of behavior with others also. Moreover we may have friends and colleagues of same type. Then it further makes us to behave in this way. This behavior is different from the second one, as it is for some time. We remain in effect of it as long we are forced to do so. We come in to our normal behavior soon after the removable of forcing agency.

Fourth type of behavior has no linkage to anything. Nobody knows why this occurs. These people are not habitual or forced or knowingly do this. They just do it. One can say this is in their genes. They are made for speaking. Their behavior remains unchanged for their whole life.

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