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Marriage Ceremonies – A Life Changing Journey

Marriage is a phase, in which the bride or the groom, both goes through many changes. A lot of feelings overshadow their daily routines, sometimes one feels happy for starting a new life, while sometimes, thoughts of leaving our maternal home upsets our mind. Marriage is the biggest connection, one gets in his lifetime. This is the stage, where the person suddenly starts realizing himself as a grown man, and everybody starts lecturing him for the things to be taken care of, in his future life. Every relative or friend, is found giving hundreds of advices, to the bride and the groom, whether it’s an Indian marriage or a marriage in a foreign land.

Though marriage ceremonies in all consumes only few days, but the arrangements and the after effects of the marriage continues for months and years. Whether it’s a girl or a boy, marriage is a big responsibility for families of both the sides. Marriages in India are a grand affair,with  lot of rituals and ceremonies in the wedding procedure, which marks the traditional culture of the country.

Marriage ceremonies can also be called as a journey, which both the bride and groom cover from their single hood to being married or committed. A lot of changes are observed in the lifestyles of the couple. It’s not only, the house or the home that changes for the bride after marriage, but it’s the whole family or the whole living style of the person that gets transformed. The habits, likes, dislikes, hobbies, daily practices, all needs to be adopted and implemented according to the cultures and practices followed in the house of the in- laws.

The bride or the groom both needs to be very conscious, about their behavior in front of the prospective family and relatives. The tag of being married, is in itself is a great responsibility, which forces the bride or the groom to be very elegant and intellectual in their behavior and clothing style. The dressing sense of the married couple undergoes a lot of changes. It marks their transformation from the bachelorhood to a married man or woman. The different add- on to the woman attire like choora, sindur, make- up, jewelery are the elements, which help in differentiating a wed man or woman from a single girl or guy.

Other than the change in the lifestyle or the dressing sense of the married couple, a sense of responsibility is also felt by the person, which urges him to think and act more maturely. Family issues and matters, tend to be of more importance to the married couple. Also, the decisions taken about the life or any other change in the profession needs to be discussed with the life partner, because any decision, whether small or big, can lead to great consequences in the future, and to decrease the possibility of such incidences, it is better that a discussion is done within the couple to avoid future blame games.


Huawei Ideos Chat – Touch And Type Phone

Huawei is a renowned manufacturer of data transfer and Internet connectivity devices. They built some of the finest data Modems in the world and also hold a major share in the Indian telecom equipment market. They entered mobile handset sector quite recently and has done well in the last couple of year.

Let us see Huawei Ideos Chat, a touch and type phone from Huawei. The Ideos Chat is among three Ideos series phones that Huawei launched recently in India – the Ideos X1, Ideos X2 and finally the Ideos Chat. The other two models can be included in the Smartphone or premium price category.

The Ideos Chat is an affordable phone that features the Android 2.1 Froyo Operating System in it. It is powered by a Qualcomm 800 MHz Processor. The model weighs in at just 100 grams. It has a trendy and stylish design.

The Display is a 2.6 inch capacitive touch screen. The phone is wisely named the Ideos Chat because it offers easy typing of messages on its ultra sensitive touch screen display as well as on the generously spaced and neatly organized physical QWERTY keypad.

The phone comes loaded with all the latest multimedia entertainment Wizardry and includes some of the best in class specifications when you consider its price band. The notable features of the phone include-

  1. 3G Network Support
  2. Upto 7.2 Mbps HSDPA Internet Access and download speed
  3. 800MHz super fast Processor
  4. 3.2 MP Camera with Digital Zoom with LED Flash
  5. Audio and Video recording and playback
  6. Music Player/ FM Radio
  7. 3.5 mm Audio Jack
  8. External memory support of upto 32GB
  9. Three Colours : Green, Yellow , Purple
  10. Social Networking Integrated Google Apps Support
  11. Document viewer : Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF
  12. Bluetooth 2.1
  13. Wi-Fi
  14. USB Data connectivity

It is powered by a standard 930 mAh Lithium ion battery that offers a talk time backup of 5 hours and a standby time of 450 hours.

The phone as you can see comes loaded with features similar to a Smartphone and it carries the Guarantee of perfection offered by Huawei with its years of experience in pioneering high quality telecomm equipment.

The phone comes at a price of just Rs 8199 and the phone is a perfect alternative for those who cannot shell out too much to buy a premium Smartphone.

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