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Pet Peeves of Women

For any woman with a partner, boyfriend or husband, it seems like these are familiar complaints. In no particular order and completely in jest, here they are:

~ He never notices when I lose weight.
   He quickly notices when other females lose weight.

~ He is onto my case even if I gain a little weight and suddenly car parts like tires become a part of his regular vocabulary.

~ He is completely confused when asked how I am looking because he sincerely does not know if what I am wearing is new or if I have gone to a salon and done something to my face or God forbid something else that he has failed to notice. LOL

~ His frustration shows on his face when asked how a particular outfit looks on me. He doesn’t know how to diplomatically say that I am looking fat or that it does not suit me. 🙂

~ His compliments have decreased down the years, in the form of “you know me” diplomatic and insincere statements.

~ He does not remember most things including important dates and when I keep checking back if he has done some asignment, he says, “stop nagging!”

~ If someone compliments him that he has lost weight, he quickly takes that seriously but if the same is done to me, he says, “oh, I know better.” 🙂

~ He cooks one course and claims to cook the entire meal. In the bargain, he has left half the dishes in the house dirty.

~ He can spend hours in electronics stores among gadgets and consider that constructive. But, when I shop that is a waste of time.

~ His phone calls are all important whereas mine are mostly gossip.

~ He does not appreciate me often enough for all the “sacrifices” that I am making for the family.

What do you say ladies? Do you have any more to add or any you disagree with? And the men, I am sure you have your own list of pet peeves that I would love to hear 🙂

And trust me, other women notice everything. So, if you are looking for genuine motivation or demotivation, other lady friends and your children could be where you need to try your luck. Men are simply not tuned in to your crazy needs 🙂

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