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The Real Reason of Getting Tired!!

Have you ever wondered as to what makes you tired ?

Physical work? Mental work or the work which you don’t like? If you think about it you will realize that its the interest with which you do the work that determines how tired you feel after doing that work.

Suppose you are asked to write an assignment in your college or document in your office, you feel tired after doing it. Have you ever feel tired if you write a letter to your loved ones ?? Have you ever feel tired if you write an email to your beloved ??

Little physical work at your work place/school makes you feel tired but playing your favorite sport like football, tennis or skiing which requires much more energy doesn’t make you feel that tired.

Reading your course books makes you feel tired but you can read your favorite novel for hours and hours..

Feeling tired is in your mind. When you are doing things of your interest, your energy level automatically increases and you don’t feel tired. Whenever we have to do something which we don’t like, our mind makes us feel that we are getting tired. This is the reason why people who do what they like or like what they do, perform better in their lives.

Things which you like to do are called “want tos” and which you don’t like to do but have to do are called “have tos” .

So what should you do so that you don’t feel tired easily?? Probably like what you do or don’t do what you don’t like i.e increase your ‘want tos” and reduce your “have tos”. Being a social animal you can’t completly get rid of “have tos” but you can always reduce them. Also if there are no ” have tos” then you won’t value the “wants tos”. Its like you will never value weekends if there were no weekdays.

Are you feeling tired now? 🙂

Big Lies about Love

There are many lies people used to tell about love since ages. They are sometimes silly, sometimes overly romantic, overly optimistic or way too depressing … So, why do we believe in them?  We born with these lies.I do have a few theories of my own. I know I’ll sound quite unromantic but look at them and decide yourself.
1) We can Love just Once
The first big lie about love is quite strange. We can love just once in our life. I have seen many people falling in TRUE LOVE many times in their life. This is unnatural for human to ignore the flow of love, and it’s natural to fall in several times with different people. The fact is; we can love once, we can love twice and many times till we have emotions alive.

2) Fight Increases our Love

This is the weirdest lie about love. Fight increases love? Seriously??? Fights increases tensions, frustrations, distances but not love actually. They create misunderstandings, arguments and insecurities. So this is the big and weirdest lie about love.

3) Love is Blind
This is the fakest thing people say about love, a really big lie about love. Love is blind. Oh come’ on then why we check wallet before going to shop with them? Why we can’t ignore every bit thing about them? Why we need other things with love? Why do we care about the people around us? Love is not blind actually, it’s the name of wearing blindfold till we have the charm of other person, otherwise it’s a reality with open eyes and most of the time it’s bitter.

4) Jealousy is the other name of Love
The other weird lie people told about love. Jealousy is the other name of love. If someone is jealous of you, your smiles and laughter, he surely is in love with you. Well well well !! Jealousy and love are the name of two different emotions. They are totally different from each other and not the alternate names of one’s feeling. The one who’s jealous of you is not in love with you, he’s jealous with you and that’s it.

5) Love is a Spark
Wow Love is a spark, a passion and sharing the emotions which are mutual between two, this sparking passion can burn anything… Ohh my, this is so crap lie told about love!! Love is the other name of the demand of someone to stay with you and share with you. It’s not a spark that can burn but yeah it can burn two people who found in love.

6) We met in Heaven before
This is the funniest lie about love I’ve ever heard. Made for each other and we met in heaven before. So for some Mr. Flirt! How many people you found in heaven before? This is lame and funny lie people used to tell about love. Love is seeing someone in front of you and like them, it’s not something impractical, it’s something physical and real.

7) Love is saying “I Love You”
The lamest lie about love people told around. Love is saying I love you?? Maybe it was the case sometime back in 70’s or 80’s but this is 21st century and the most materialistic age ever comes. This sentence has no more worth to people. They commonly use this phrase and it’s not the actual love we know about. So if someone is telling that he/she loves you, it doesn’t mean the love about which people say it’s blind or is a spark, it’s something that they like you and express you in another way.

So what do you think about the lies which were told us till yet? Is love a spark or blind? Is it happen once in whole lifetime?

You Can’t Please Everyone!

As we go through life we will find there will be times when others are upset with us about what we have decided to do. We will find others have opinions about what we should be in life. We will find there will be others who want us to do what they believe we should do. When this happens, there is tension between us and the other person. We may give in and do as they wish but the right direction to go isn’t always to do what they want us to do.

“Our purpose is to please God, not people. He alone examines the motives of our hearts.”

The right direction is to go to God for help. We are to do as He asks us to do in all situations. We can know what He wants us to do by studying His word. We can know what He wants us to do by sharing our situations with others who trust in Him. We can know what He wants us to do by listening or reading about examples in the past from people who have done as He requested rather than what others wanted. When we do as God wants us to do, others may get upset but God will take control of the situation and make things right.

When others get upset at us, we need to remember it is basically because they have an opinion about what they believe we need to do about a certain situation, about a direction we should go or about what we should say when we have to deal with another person. They are entitled to their own opinion but we need to tactfully tell them it is really our choice. We need to tell them we are doing what we feel is right based on what God has told us to do.

It is important when we decide to make the decision we make based on God’s answer that we let others know what we are doing and why. They need to know we aren’t trying to ignore their opinions. They need to know we aren’t trying to be selfish. They need to know we want to do as God asks us to do so He can work a greater work through us based on what others need from us at that time.

Timing and needs are important when we make a decision and step away from trying to please everyone. We can’t possibly make everyone happy with an action we take. There will always be someone who feels left out, who feels betrayed or who gets upset.

Our actions should be those that are pleasing to God. When we stop thinking about what we are or aren’t doing to please others and just do what God wants us to do, we will know God will be in control. When we step out to do what God wants us to do, we need to have faith. We know there will be a lesson to be learned for all who are involved. We know we will be taking action that is not selfish or because we want to please others but we are taking action to please God and to make a difference.

“It is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him.”

Dreams Do Come True – Susan Boyle

When she walked on to the stage to participate in Britain’s Got Talent, Susan Boyle encountered a very sceptical audience.

When she said her dream was to sing like Elaine Page she was almost booed at. But Susan Boyle had a dream and dreams do come true!

Watch this amazing performance and I dare you not to get teary eyed.

Here are some facts about Susan Boyle (according to The Mirror):

1. She’s 47 years old (nearly 48) and grew up in Blackburn, near Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland

2. She lives in the same house that she and her eight older brothers and sisters grew up in. She even sleeps in the same room.

3. She’s never so much as been kissed. She told us: “If someone even pecked me on the cheek, it would be nice, but I’ve never even got that close,” says Susan. “My parents didn’t want me to have boyfriends, so I’ve never been on a date. I’ve had crushes, but I’ve never been in love. I suppose I’ve accepted it’s never going to happen.”

4. She lives with her 10-year-old cat named Pebbles.

5. Her mother kept asking her to audition for “Britain’s Got Talent.” When she died in 2007 at age 91, Susan says, “I realized I wanted to make her proud of me and the only way to do that was to take the risk and enter the show.” Her performance in the regional finals of Britain’s Got Talent was the first time she had sung after her mother’s death.

6. Susan’s unemployed and spends her days ‘looking after her home and visiting family.’

7. She left school at 17 and went to work in the kitchens of West Lothian College but now does voluntary work for the church and the elderly.

8. She has been singing in choirs since she was 12 and then in amateur dramatics. When she was 35, she took acting classes.

9. She says her dream is to sing for Queen Elizabeth.

10. During birth, Susan suffered oxygen deprivation which caused learning disabilities. Her classmates teased her because of this and her appearance.

Dreams do come true – I hope you’re still believing in yours?

Two Days

There are two days in every week about which we should not worry, two days which should be kept free from fear and apprehension. One of these days is Yesterday with all its mistakes and cares, its faults and blunders, its aches and pains.

Yesterday has passed forever beyond our control. All the money in the world cannot bring back Yesterday. We cannot undo a single act we performed; we cannot erase a single word we said. Yesterday is gone forever.

The other day we should not worry about is Tomorrow, with all its possible adversities, its burdens, its large promise and its poor performance; Tomorrow is also beyond our immediate control.

Tomorrow’s sun will rise, either in splendor or behind a mask of clouds, but it will rise. Until it does, we have no stake in Tomorrow, for it is yet to be born.

This leaves only one day, Today. Any person can fight the battle of just one day. It is when you and I add the burdens of those two awful eternities, Yesterday and Tomorrow, that we break down.

It is not the experience of Today that drives a person mad, it is the remorse or bitterness of something which happened Yesterday and the dread of what Tomorrow may bring.

Let us, therefore, Live but one day at a time.

What Women Want!

You know what really turns a girl on? More than kisses more than hugs more than anything in this world – Honesty.

If you are in a relationship of any kind with a girl – friend, sister, girl friend..anyone,if you are not yourself with her, if you are not honest with her you are gonna lose her respect if not her.
I say only respect and not her because girls have this weird habit of letting it go and giving another chance. For them the relationship is just too important to give up on you that easily.

Even if you go and make out with another girl, even if you are a drug addict, even if you bitched about her, even if you think that you need space, even if you think that she is too possessive..even if you are married to another woman..but you still want to be with her..just come and tell her! Believe me she’d eventually forgive you and still love you as much. I mean I know guys who the world thinks can be the best catch, but the reality is they are the biggest jerks of all the times!

For God’s sake always be honest with her! She expects you to share all your troubles with her. If she’s told you that she loves you that automatically means that she’s gonna listen to all your troubles and try and make you comfortable as best as she can. Once she has fallen in love with you trust me she has already stopped judging you!! So kindly have the courage to tell her what you truly feel and what blunders you have truly committed! She will scold you only because it hurts to see someone she loves in trouble. You know she’d find out the truth anyway. But if YOU go and tell her, you would not only feel lighter but will also earn her respect!

Even if you are oh-not-so-cool dude, please don’t try and act like one!! that’s so bloody irritating!!
Please be yourself. Be a simple honest guy who has the guts to be himself and accepts what he is than a wannabe dude with so called super cool ultra low waist jeans and chains or whatever u call those ugly things hanging around the belt but doesn’t know shit about his roots and is too ashamed to accept that he is originally from some small village!!

I am not a feminist and well what ever I just said about how girls give another chance and everything might be true for boys too. I was actually talking about myself the whole time. Basically, the bottom line is I HATE LIARS!!! and I HATE PEOPLE WHO PRETEND!!!

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