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Train of Thoughts

  •  What weighs most upon your mind may be a manifestation of your own fears. 
  •  Never hesitate to speak your mind for the fear of ruffling feathers. 
  •  Relations and rituals make life beautiful. 
  •  Every woman must pamper herself and make time for herself.
  •  I believe in the power of praying and chanting. I personally feel that these are great ways of disciplining your internal world.
  • All of us are quick at labeling people but these labels are really unnecessary. There is more to us than short, tall, fat, size zero, dusky, skinny, upper class, middle class, outgoing, reserved, gay, straight, black, white, etc.
  • It is okay to be less than perfect.
  • Watch your actions. Whatever you give out comes back to you, multiplied.
  • Expose yourself to new books, new music, different foods, different drinks, new restaurants.
  • Being busy keeps depressing, negative thoughts at bay. Get busy!
  • Don’t make your partner feel tied up like a donkey to a stake. It is emotional rape. Give them space for heaven’s sake.
  • I have been making attempts to move out of my comfort zone.
  • Sooner or later, every storm fades away.
  • Learning something new each day is a wonderful feeling. It makes you feel alive.
  • Beauty is destined to fade.
  • Occasionally, it is fantastic to get bored. Spare some time to get bored. Do nothing at all!
  • Being emotionally dependent on someone can make life miserable. Invest in your personal growth.
  • It is okay to say NO to something that does not resonate with your sensibilities.
  • Donate old clothes. Give them to the less fortunate – to those who really need it.
  • Reading– I love to get lost in books, magazines and newspapers.
  • Walking– I walk to feel good about myself.
  • Music– Takes me to a different world- a state of Trance.
  • Water– I like to keep myself hydrated – it restores the glow on my face.
  • My belief in God stands rock-solid irrespective of what happens in my life.
  • Watching the sun sink from the glistening sky is a beautiful experience.
  • Do not be tied down in a relationship/career/job that is unhealthy, that freezes your mind and blocks your progress.
  • Some experiences can be emotionally devastating but they eventually make you stronger.



Things are changing every split second and my tiny brain gets confused with a lot of cell diffusions happening constantly. I promise I am not going to talk like a spiritual saint, but just a few things that I realised off late.

As time passes by, I see a lot of people doing things and hovering around people for their own gain, also with a specific goal in their mind, well and good, it’s just that I have tried doing something like this for personal favours but it never gives me inner peace… Why should I follow the crowd? According to one of my friend, professional relations are way better than emotional bonds, well, this topic is pretty debatable so let’s not get into that, but after constant attempts of trying to do something which does not make me happy is not such a good idea, so the answer to that is simple.. I won’t try any further.

Also at times like this when I feel like a complete loser, God decides to take a disguised form and gives me a reason to smile.

After constant mistakes and learnings, I have decided to try to implement a few things:

~Do what I believe in.

~Connect to my inner voice.

~Work hard and if it come across failure, I would give it one big hug.. 🙂

~Try not to crib and see good qualities in people always (very difficult to implement)

~Try my best at what I want to do and then leave the rest on Destiny!!!

~Find more reasons to be happy.


Love and its Shades !!

Is it not a reason enough to be happy that you fall in love with someone? That you felt those butterflies flying inside your stomach? That how you got dumbstruck when your love stood in front of you? How your heart beats faster when you see him/her smiling?

That feeling so innocent like a smile of an infant. A smile so pure like this moonlight. A Love so refreshing like the smell of first rain…so calm like these nights. Have you felt that innocent smile on your face while thinking about him? That madness to have your love by your side? Have you ever walked with your love holding hands together on an unknown path?

Love could be defined in tens of languages… by hundreds of writers in thousands of poems…but its feeling is same…its magic is same. Those twinkle in your eyes…that glow on your face…that satisfaction of your heart after listening his/her voice. You may argue about the other side but you can’t deny its magic.. you can’t get yourself away from its tranquil feeling.

Love can never be planned…its just a matter of just happen..without your consent. That moment is magical…and you don’t even know you are falling in this ocean. It surprise you with its madness…it amazes you with its force. For a few it’s just a word…and for others it’s Life. Some define it with words and some just by a smile.

We seek love in different things… Ever seen a baby smiling? That’s love! Ever felt rain with closed eyes? That’s Love! Ever laughed with tears? That’s Love! Ever felt happy with no certain reason? That’s Love! Some feel it in flowing rivers…some in still mountains. Some find it inside them…some say it’s all around. Few moments of love makes you smile…while few makes you cry…but the feeling is always beautiful….it is Magical!

Don’t forget to tell your special someone what they mean to you. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the readers of Flavours of life!


We live in a day and age when everything and everyone is expected to be perfect. We are told we need to look a certain way, we need to dress a certain way, love a certain way, have a relationship a certain way, live a certain way. And of course, almost every one of us strives to attain this illusion of perfection. Given that it is an illusion, we never reach perfection. At least to the standard it is portrayed. The end result is mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

Who dictates these standards of perfection to us? I’d like to blame the media.

How many men and women beat themselves up for not having the ‘perfect’ body like the person shown on telly? Apparently for women, size zero is perfect. After all, why would the media attack any model or actress who seemed to be less than perfect? And in countries like India, where perfect looks is equal to fair skin. What does that do to the masses that are dark-skinned?

Perfect relationships. Hollywood, Bollywood and every other media loves to show us how perfect relationships ‘should’ be. And you grow up with expectations as ridiculous as ‘there is only one soulmate in the world’ or ‘my partner should say he loves me every few hours’ or ‘my boyfriend should surprise me with breakfast in bed on the weekend’ and ways of how someone should propose to you.

There are hardly any fights in a relationship at the movies. Real life though, is different. I think the classic mistake about perfection in relationships is how movies depict that the guy or girl just knows what the other partner wants. If you think about it realistically, how many guys actually know a girl would be happy if they cleaned up after themselves??? Some guys need telling. As do some girls. But Hollywood and Bollywood would like us to believe that relationships work on ESP.

There is so much pressure on Parents to be the ‘perfect’ parent and raise well-behaved kids and yet struggle with work and the house.

Now you know why so many people suffer from mental health problems at least once in their lives.

I wish as a society we would realise that perfection is a myth. No one on this planet is perfect. Not a single person. And trust me, if anyone says they are, they are lying and showing false colors. Everyone thinks every one else is perfect. I’m not so perfect after all and I do have issues too!

Striving for that elusive perfection only makes us miserable. It doesn’t mean we don’t do our best. We just have different expectations. We can always strive to do the best we can. But it doesn’t have to be the same ‘best’ or the ‘perfect’ that is bombarded by the media.

If only more people realised that, we would all be more relaxed and the world would probably be a happier place.

Being perfect in every way is nothing but a fake appearance.

What are your views? Are you one of those individuals who is depressed or anxious in some way for not attaining perfection in any particular area in your life? Do share…

The Rapid Fire Round

Picked up this tag randomly. Here we go!!!


Love or Lust – Love!

Food or Makeup – Food! Oh, I am feeling hungry again! 🙂

Jeans or Skirt – Jeans! But I love skirts too!

Pizza or Pasta – Pizza, anytime!

Black or White – Black!

Gucci or Dior – Dior!

Husband or Boyfriend – Live in! 😉

Roses or orchids –  Roses – sigh.. red and pink!

Beauty or Brains – Brains!

Beach or Hills – Beach! I’ve had enough of Hills for now…!

Cats or Dogs – Cats

Tea or coffee – Coffee!

Books or i-Pod – i-Pod

Flats or stilettos – I luv my Flats! And I love my stilettos! In that order! Or is it the other way round?

Jalebi or Rasgulla – Roshogolla! yummy types! 😛


Oh, that was a really quick one! Pick it up! And if you do, drop a link in the comment section – will hop over for a read.

And Yet…

A life so full..

..And yet, so empty.

People all around me..

..And yet, I feel lonely.

I am confident..

..And yet, I crumble.

I want to speak out..

..And yet, words stumble.

I have so much..

..And yet, I’m unsatisfied.

I long for a change..

..And yet, I’m terrified.

From Being a Victim to a Winner

It happens with almost all of us that something undesirable happens and we start finding  reasons to blame things on other people , situation or circumstances. It somehow gives us a kind of consolation. We think of so many reasons as why it happened to us and then we stick to couple of them  that we find most convincing. We often love to think and talk about our victim story. Let’s see how our victim self thinks and talks –

– I cannot find a job because job market is bad. ( ==> I will not find a job)

– I am not getting promotion at work because my manager doesn’t like me. (==>I will not get a promotion)

–  I am unhappy in my life because my girl friend dumped me and I lost my job.(==> I will stay unhappy)

– I cannot top this year because everybody in my batch is more intelligent than I am. (==> I will not get top position)

– If you can’t think of any reason and you will simply think that your luck is bad. (==> I will wait for my luck to get better)

When you blame things on others , it makes you feel like a victim. You feel weak and powerless. You feel like a victim to your destiny and life. It’s fine to think of reasons but  if you take the responsibility of everything that happens to you instead of blaming things on other people and circumstances you will feel immense power which will turn you from a victim to a winner. There is a lot of difference between taking the blame on you and taking the responsibility. You never have to blame yourself for what is happening to you.

You don’t have the control on what happens with you but what distinguish a winner from a loser is how you react to what happens with you. You have the complete control on how you react to things. You know its you who has to do something about it instead of waiting for situation or your luck to change. You will see your mind working toward the solution, towards making you a winner.

Let’s see when you take the responsibility ,how your winner mind will  think in the above situations-

– Job market is bad and I have to work harder to get  a job.

– My manager doesn’t like me much , I have to put extra efforts to get appreciated by him and others.

–  Now that my girl friend is not with me and I have lost my job, I have to find another girl friend and a job.

– There is very tough competition in the class, I have to work really hard to be on the top position.

–Tough times don’t last but tough people do.

Next time when you see yourself thinking or talking about  your victim story, end it right away. Irrespective of what situation you are in, take the responsibility of your life, take the charge of your life and be a winner !!

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