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Love and its Shades !!

Is it not a reason enough to be happy that you fall in love with someone? That you felt those butterflies flying inside your stomach? That how you got dumbstruck when your love stood in front of you? How your heart beats faster when you see him/her smiling?

That feeling so innocent like a smile of an infant. A smile so pure like this moonlight. A Love so refreshing like the smell of first rain…so calm like these nights. Have you felt that innocent smile on your face while thinking about him? That madness to have your love by your side? Have you ever walked with your love holding hands together on an unknown path?

Love could be defined in tens of languages… by hundreds of writers in thousands of poems…but its feeling is same…its magic is same. Those twinkle in your eyes…that glow on your face…that satisfaction of your heart after listening his/her voice. You may argue about the other side but you can’t deny its magic.. you can’t get yourself away from its tranquil feeling.

Love can never be planned…its just a matter of just happen..without your consent. That moment is magical…and you don’t even know you are falling in this ocean. It surprise you with its madness…it amazes you with its force. For a few it’s just a word…and for others it’s Life. Some define it with words and some just by a smile.

We seek love in different things… Ever seen a baby smiling? That’s love! Ever felt rain with closed eyes? That’s Love! Ever laughed with tears? That’s Love! Ever felt happy with no certain reason? That’s Love! Some feel it in flowing rivers…some in still mountains. Some find it inside them…some say it’s all around. Few moments of love makes you smile…while few makes you cry…but the feeling is always beautiful….it is Magical!

Don’t forget to tell your special someone what they mean to you. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the readers of Flavours of life!

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