There is a small voice inside you which is always guiding you. You may call it your intuition. And if we follow our intuition we never really lose the right path. But at times there are so many voices inside your head that it becomes difficult to know which one is your intuition. Logic tells you to do something, your near and dear ones ask you to do other things so how do you get a clear picture? We get confused! which one is intuition or the right path for us?

Before you begin to decide first be confident of yourself. Its your life and you have to take decision for yourself.

Be courageous enough to accept failures if there may be some (Generally there will be none if you follow your instinct) and the thing about instinct or intuition is most of the time it tells you to follow a path that every one else is asking you to avoid. But unless you become confident and the small voice inside tells you to attempt it donot do it, and of course get all the details, think of all possibilities and still you think you can and you want to do it then go ahead with a faith in yourself and in the great lord … he will never choose a path for you which you cannot tread. And then your karma becomes your destiny. Create a destiny for yourself ! Good or bad is in your hand….

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  1. Nice to see we share similar thoughts: “Good or bad is in your hand”. I think it is this that people need to recognize before they listen to their “intuition”. If selecting the good path, well this “intuition”, gut feeling or guide will take them to the right place. If selecting the bad path, well they’ll be taken to another place. Thanks for your thoughts.



  2. Posted by anuj on June 7, 2012 at 3:05 AM

    nice to see you again


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