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What Are You Feeding Into Your Mind?

It is always nice to connect with people who have tastes and preferences that are different from our own. We get to learn from them. We get a new perspective on life. I am lucky to have met people who are different from me because their presence in my life has been instrumental in making me who I am. I have realized that you’ve got to develop the habit of interest to broaden your horizons. Listening to new ideas and new insights is enjoyable. It enriches the mind. It helps feed the mind with nourishing thoughts and ideas.

Incidentally, we are fully conscious and cautious about the kind of food we feed our bodies with, but we are not as conscious and cautious when it comes to feeding our minds.

What do you feed into your mind?

Flip any magazine, surf any website, read through any newspaper and you are likely to find a hundred tips to rekindle the spark in your relationship, but you will hardly ever find tips to rekindle your hunger for knowledge.

 Einstein deserves a mention here – “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.
The day we think we know everything we stop learning; we stop growing.
There are quite a few subjects that I have absolutely no idea about. My knowledge is really low and probably even non-existent. However, I am willing to learn, I am willing to listen, and I never pretend to know more about a subject than I really do.
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