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I love You. Really?

When someone says ‘I love you’, you ask ‘really?’

But when someone says ‘ I hate you’, you don’t ask ‘really?’ One accepts it without question.

How true! What a profound observation!

What is it about the words ‘I love you’ that scares most people? Is it so hard to accept that one is loved? Has it seems almost impossible to believe that someone can love us? Is it that we think ‘oh-my-god’ what does he/she want now? Why is he/she saying ‘I love you’. Does he/she mean it?’

Why do we question (at least most of us) the veracity of these words and why don’t we just accept?

When said with sincerity and true depth, these three words are powerful indeed. They seal a bond. It is an unconditional acceptance of the other, with all their flaws. The magical thing about saying ‘ I love you’ is that it need not be between lovers, but just between two souls who’re deeply connected at some level–a mother and child,sisters,best friends.

The fact is that three simple words “I love you” when said, when you really mean them, have the power to uplift, to heal, to comfort, to calm and reassure. They are very powerful words indeed. All humans long to hear these words. They show an unconditional acceptance of the other person and create a powerful shield around their vulnerabilities.

If you hear these words often, you are blessed indeed as there are so many who crave to hear it but have no one who will say these words to them (Think about it). Of course, if these words are casually uttered and if you say it to all the people you meet, then they do cease to have any meaning at all.

But when said with all sincerity and when you truly mean it, a kind of magic happens which is hard to explain.

Don’t believe me? Try it!

And I am fortunate indeed to hear these words often from some special people in my life. I silently thank them and they go into my cup of blessings.

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