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Make Time For Quiet Moments

My life has been crazy lately… I’ve been experiencing feelings of disorientation. I’ve been desperately craving a few quiet moments..


We all need quiet moments, don’t we? Some things are beyond our control, and I don’t want to be fazed by circumstances. I want to spare myself all the emotional burden and the inevitable guilt that follows. I want to put my anxiety to rest. For once, I want to stop thinking about the world. For once, I don’t want to care about people who think I have changed. I can’t be managing every relationship efficiently. I can’t be reserving a space in my heart for everyone I know. I don’t think I am forgetting old relationships because I have embraced a new one. What the heck, life isn’t about pleasing everybody! I am not going to stretch myself.

I want to sink into some quiet moments, and I don’t want the world to intrude. I want to settle down to quietness.

I want to meet myself and relax! 🙂
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