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Journey from Corporate to Motherhood!

My day no more starts with a rush for the office cab and no more presentation to make. I don’t think more about what’s cooking inside my boss’s head and no worries about getting my leaves approved. I don’t have performance matrix to fill and competency scores to prove my worth. I don’t care about why other employees get a better salary hike and not me despite of the hard work I put round the year. So does it mean that life has become simpler? Not indeed but still I’m loving it. . It’s been months since I left my job, but I have actually turned into a full time mother and trust me that’s a competitive job too.

There is an excitement when my baby smiles at my good morning gesture and how he rush to me when I extend my arms towards him. My day doesn’t start at 9, never ends at 6 but it’s in a continuing pace to fulfill desires, expectations and pampering of my little one.


Being a mother there are so many things to do and you remain occupied 24X7. Earlier I had other things to glorify my day but today if my baby has successfully completed his 3 meals, my achievement is done. My calendar is constantly booked with his oil massage, splendor bath, a healthy-meal preparation, a fun-filled stroller ride and series of lullabies to offer. Now I have to discover new ways to draw out his smile even when my back is paining and eyes are melting with sleep. I can’t show my frustration to him as he is too innocent to bear that. So I have to always present my brighter side to him. There has been a shortage of time always but there is no excuse that I can make today. And the most important thing above all, I had expectations from my previous life: monetary, social and physiological but with him – It’s just unconditional love !!

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