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Making Space!

Repeatedly I kept receiving this message on my phone: ‘Your device is low on space. Need to clear minimum……’. Busy in some work or the other, I continued to ignore the message.

As a result, the phone started slowing down. Various minor problems kept cropping up. So I had no other option but to take notice of it and check the contents.

So many unnecessary things were there. Some pics / videos that I had liked but had not time to view again; some I didn’t even know were there in my phone.

While clearing this junk, I found some similarity..

Doesn’t this apply to our mind, too? We gather so many things and continue to live with this baggage. Not all of these things are good or positive. But still we keep carrying this burden and it slows us down in every aspect. Our mind is so full with this clutter that new and better things cannot enter due to lack of space.

So if we don’t get rid of the unnecessary old things (like grudges, hurts, anger…) how can fresh, nice feelings find a place there?

Preaching is always lot easier than putting it into practice. Agreed. But at least realizing the need to discard the unwanted things and need to create space can be a first step.

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