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What Makes Christmas?

Finally it is Christmas. There is that chill in the air. The streets are filled with beautiful decorations. There are Christmas trees all decked up. There is Santa going around to the sounds of happy carols giving gifts. The mood is merry and nice.

What makes Christmas do you know?

Is it pretty gifts and shiny toys?
Fairy lights and sparkling Chirstmas tree.
No these do not Christmas mean. It is pretty more than these.
Christ was born on this day, And that is what makes Christmas.

Most of us are so busy making external preparations that we forget to look into ourselves. Christmas isn’t just another holiday with the gift giving and the decorations. It is about Christ being born, about God becoming man. And Christmas isn’t Christmas without hearts being at peace. It is about forgiving the ones who have hurt us, apologizing for our mistakes, spreading joy and cheer among friends and family by being with our near and dear ones. If there is peace in our hearts, only then it is Christmas- – Christmas in our hearts, Christmas everywhere! 

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

Hello December!

Hello Beautiful People!

Can you believe it’s December?

As fast as this year has gone, I have to admit I love it when it’s time for the Christmas season.

Just like yesterday 2017 started and now 2018 is so close, I really thank God for everyone in my life including you guys and trust me when I’m counting all my blessings that I received this year, I’ll be sure to count you twice because you all are the best! 😍😍.

I mean it wasn’t always smooth, I had my fair share of stress,worries and all but you know what they say ‘your darkest hour comes before your dawn’ and so I knew God got me and that kept me going.

Some people might be feeling downcast because they feel 2017 came and now it’s gradually fading away without anything really changing.. Well, I have good news for you, a lot of things can still happen within 30 days, and so all you have to do is just relax, stay positive and believe in yourself!

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