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Gratitude, Thank You God!

From quite some time I rarely log in to my wordpress account. Off late, I have been occupied with several other things and thank God for keeping me so busy, inspite of the fact that I have been frustrated sometimes. But I still want to thank you for keeping my mind off the negative thoughts that disturb me.

It is true that time heals everything, and I have changed with time and so have my thoughts.

I have always asked God for the better things in my life, and he has been too generous towards me. And as well made me realize of the pros and cons of my desires😊
I just want to thank you for keeping me going strong through the times when I had lost all the faith in humanity and in you. And you never fail to get back my faith in you by giving me the best I ought to have.

Thank you for everything and love you for all the happiness you’ve got in my life. Be with me always!
Love you❤️💫

Follow Your Heart❤️

Every now and then I get moved by my own imaginations and sometimes they are the best part of my day. I am not into any sort of depression but yes I just don’t feel so good sometimes. I have no idea why… 🤔

Last night I was looking at the endless sky and all my world-ly problems looked so tiny in front of it. May be life is really not as complicated as it looks. May be its just a simple math problem but you are totally applying the wrong approach.
You have to be a little selfish and not care about the people around you for a while. You just have to follow your heart and wherever it takes you – that’s where you will find the happiness you were always looking for.

Even if your heart wants a ridiculously expensive dress which you will hardly wear, just take that. They were made to make you happy after all. Even if that means ordering an abnormally large sized dessert which you won’t ever be able to eat alone.

And even if it means disappointing a few people. You can’t possibly impress everyone about everything. You are bound to make a few mistakes. And I had rather follow my heart and made mistakes. I am young I am allowed to make a few stupid decisions and laugh about them later.😉

As Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) once said “twenties are for mistakes and thirties are to pay for them.”

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