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The life we all want. .

From being independent to being responsible, life has changed a lot. Life is easy when you come out of past and live the moment. The beauty of the moment is only appreciated when you know what it is to be in past. It forces you to believe that good happens to not just others, but you as well. It happened once and it will happen again.

When you feel all doors are closed and there is no way, just stop thinking and go with life. And you will land at a place which is only made for you. Be grateful for what you have. Learn from the choices you made earlier and change yourself for the better. We often make wrong choices when we think more.

Deep down, your heart .. your soul .. exactly knows what you really want. Teach yourself to hear that voice and ignore the thoughts. When you talk positive, you see miracles happening. You see the good in others and forgive them at ease. And slowly, your mind is free and more cheerful and it all appears so easy. Always say, it is easy and keep yourself motivated. Someday you will realize how you had complicated life earlier and do not forget to appreciate yourself for choosing to be positive.

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