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Happy Birthday Ritik!

Dear Ritik,

We have never been into real public displays of affection, Even when it comes to gushing about each other online in this social media crazed era, neither of us tend to do so.
But today, since it is YOUR day, I thought I would take the opportunity to openly ‘gush.’ 😍

God has blessed us with so much. And today is a reminder of how he has blessed us with you. Thank you for doing your best to keep us safe, connected and well taken care of in every way.

I wish you good health, strength, wisdom and success!

May we celebrate many many many more birthdays together.

Happy Birthday ! You are loved a LOT.❤️

Sunny Side Up!!

Sometimes you make the best plans that look amazingly perfect, so good that you can’t wait for them to come into action and then life laughs at you and throws a bouncer, leaving you shocked and depressed at the same time.

There might have been many ups and downs in life but I have always believed in one thing – life is a cycle, what goes around comes around. There will be good times and then there will be some sad times, nothing is permanent and they keep on moving.

And then there are times when all you can do is hope – Hope that the things will get great again, hope that all the problems you are facing will eventually pass on and a hope that you will get a great future ahead.

And most importantly, you have to hope that there will be sunshine at the end of the tunnel no matter how dark it seems.

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