What Makes Christmas?

Finally it is Christmas. There is that chill in the air. The streets are filled with beautiful decorations. There are Christmas trees all decked up. There is Santa going around to the sounds of happy carols giving gifts. The mood is merry and nice.

What makes Christmas do you know?

Is it pretty gifts and shiny toys?
Fairy lights and sparkling Chirstmas tree.
No these do not Christmas mean. It is pretty more than these.
Christ was born on this day, And that is what makes Christmas.

Most of us are so busy making external preparations that we forget to look into ourselves. Christmas isn’t just another holiday with the gift giving and the decorations. It is about Christ being born, about God becoming man. And Christmas isn’t Christmas without hearts being at peace. It is about forgiving the ones who have hurt us, apologizing for our mistakes, spreading joy and cheer among friends and family by being with our near and dear ones. If there is peace in our hearts, only then it is Christmas- – Christmas in our hearts, Christmas everywhere! 

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂


Hello December!

Hello Beautiful People!

Can you believe it’s December?

As fast as this year has gone, I have to admit I love it when it’s time for the Christmas season.

Just like yesterday 2017 started and now 2018 is so close, I really thank God for everyone in my life including you guys and trust me when I’m counting all my blessings that I received this year, I’ll be sure to count you twice because you all are the best! 😍😍.

I mean it wasn’t always smooth, I had my fair share of stress,worries and all but you know what they say ‘your darkest hour comes before your dawn’ and so I knew God got me and that kept me going.

Some people might be feeling downcast because they feel 2017 came and now it’s gradually fading away without anything really changing.. Well, I have good news for you, a lot of things can still happen within 30 days, and so all you have to do is just relax, stay positive and believe in yourself!

Making Space!

Repeatedly I kept receiving this message on my phone: ‘Your device is low on space. Need to clear minimum……’. Busy in some work or the other, I continued to ignore the message.

As a result, the phone started slowing down. Various minor problems kept cropping up. So I had no other option but to take notice of it and check the contents.

So many unnecessary things were there. Some pics / videos that I had liked but had not time to view again; some I didn’t even know were there in my phone.

While clearing this junk, I found some similarity..

Doesn’t this apply to our mind, too? We gather so many things and continue to live with this baggage. Not all of these things are good or positive. But still we keep carrying this burden and it slows us down in every aspect. Our mind is so full with this clutter that new and better things cannot enter due to lack of space.

So if we don’t get rid of the unnecessary old things (like grudges, hurts, anger…) how can fresh, nice feelings find a place there?

Preaching is always lot easier than putting it into practice. Agreed. But at least realizing the need to discard the unwanted things and need to create space can be a first step.

Journey from Corporate to Motherhood!

My day no more starts with a rush for the office cab and no more presentation to make. I don’t think more about what’s cooking inside my boss’s head and no worries about getting my leaves approved. I don’t have performance matrix to fill and competency scores to prove my worth. I don’t care about why other employees get a better salary hike and not me despite of the hard work I put round the year. So does it mean that life has become simpler? Not indeed but still I’m loving it. . It’s been months since I left my job, but I have actually turned into a full time mother and trust me that’s a competitive job too.

There is an excitement when my baby smiles at my good morning gesture and how he rush to me when I extend my arms towards him. My day doesn’t start at 9, never ends at 6 but it’s in a continuing pace to fulfill desires, expectations and pampering of my little one.


Being a mother there are so many things to do and you remain occupied 24X7. Earlier I had other things to glorify my day but today if my baby has successfully completed his 3 meals, my achievement is done. My calendar is constantly booked with his oil massage, splendor bath, a healthy-meal preparation, a fun-filled stroller ride and series of lullabies to offer. Now I have to discover new ways to draw out his smile even when my back is paining and eyes are melting with sleep. I can’t show my frustration to him as he is too innocent to bear that. So I have to always present my brighter side to him. There has been a shortage of time always but there is no excuse that I can make today. And the most important thing above all, I had expectations from my previous life: monetary, social and physiological but with him – It’s just unconditional love !!

Motherhood, God’s Blessing!

When I hold my child, I know there are so many people who would love to be in my shoes. And I realise how truly blessed I am to be a mom.

picture of happy mother with baby

Motherhood is so much more than those dirty diapers and exhaustion from a lack of sleep. Motherhood is the job – yes, the privilege – of shaping little hearts and minds. And even beyond that, motherhood is one of God’s greatest blessings.

My baby took me to the next level of life happiness. He has given me a closeness in my life I’ve never had before. I love the responsibility I have for this new life – it’s up to me and his dad, how to love him. It’s an unconditional love. I don’t need any reward. The love that has since filled my heart, the fullness that I experience in my life, is indescribable.

Motherhood is a blessing – no matter what the circumstances you currently face.

Somebody said it takes about six weeks to get back to normal after you’ve had a baby

That somebody doesn’t know that once you’re a mother, “Normal”, is history.


Jingle Bells..Jingle Bells!

Dear Santa Claus,

I dont know if you exist, but for me, I have grown up believing in you and though you cant reach me this Christmas as you are super busy, I will stay by my window to wave at you when I see your slay pass by the moon tonight 🙂

I just really want to thank you for the following:???????????????

For making me believe in You, that feeling reassures faith in me towards myself.

For making me realize the gift of giving, it’s not always about presents, but sometimes about the timeless things….like love, your time given to someone, the empathizing feeling and many more..

For dropping by time and making a visit many times in a year in the form of friends who give you hope, make you believe in yourself and give you the courage to move forward in life.

For just making me feel happy on this day..Christmas makes me happy!

If there’s anything I’d want/be, I’d like to be someone like you, someone who is a symbol of happiness, love, courage and humility..

Merry Christmas Everyone 🙂 Continue reading

Make Time For Quiet Moments

My life has been crazy lately… I’ve been experiencing feelings of disorientation. I’ve been desperately craving a few quiet moments..


We all need quiet moments, don’t we? Some things are beyond our control, and I don’t want to be fazed by circumstances. I want to spare myself all the emotional burden and the inevitable guilt that follows. I want to put my anxiety to rest. For once, I want to stop thinking about the world. For once, I don’t want to care about people who think I have changed. I can’t be managing every relationship efficiently. I can’t be reserving a space in my heart for everyone I know. I don’t think I am forgetting old relationships because I have embraced a new one. What the heck, life isn’t about pleasing everybody! I am not going to stretch myself.

I want to sink into some quiet moments, and I don’t want the world to intrude. I want to settle down to quietness.

I want to meet myself and relax! 🙂
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