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Sunny Side Up!!

Sometimes you make the best plans that look amazingly perfect, so good that you can’t wait for them to come into action and then life laughs at you and throws a bouncer, leaving you shocked and depressed at the same time.

There might have been many ups and downs in life but I have always believed in one thing – life is a cycle, what goes around comes around. There will be good times and then there will be some sad times, nothing is permanent and they keep on moving.

And then there are times when all you can do is hope – Hope that the things will get great again, hope that all the problems you are facing will eventually pass on and a hope that you will get a great future ahead.

And most importantly, you have to hope that there will be sunshine at the end of the tunnel no matter how dark it seems.

Accept What You Cannot Change

God, Grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And wisdom to know the difference.

This serenity prayer is well known.

‘Things I have accepted’

– Friendships break. Even the deepest ones that you thought would last a life time.

– Even your best laid plans can fail. Things will not go the way you planned it.

– People do not reply back to your mails or do not answer your calls or texts because they no longer want you in their lives and not because they did not get your mails or did not get your texts.

– Just because you have the ability to put a fight behind you and carry no grudges it is not the same for everybody. Some people just do not forgive or forget.

– Something that is extremely important and of value to you, sometimes means absolutely nothing to others. They do not understand why it matters so much to you.

– People can stop talking to you for absolutely no reason at all. None from your perspective anyway.

– It is a ‘me-me-me’ world. For the other person a minor head-ache that they have will be more important than the death of your nearest ones.

– I am only human and I too have limited time. I have accepted that I have to say a no. I truly cannot cater to everyone’s request.

Some days I end up working non-stop for long hours, then sometimes I Wish I had a magic wand to speed up things🙂But.. this is the way how it works. I have accepted that too.

Could you connect with these things I mention here too, or is it just me?

Think About It. .

Most of us have been raised to ‘be nice’ to others. We have ingrained it to such an extent that we know no other way. Even when someone puts us down, we say to ourselves ‘Maybe they didn’t mean it that way..’

Here’s the thing: If you felt bad about something that someone said, what is important is not how they meant it, it is how YOU felt about it. People make insulting remarks, out of envy. Sometimes they are hidden. They are not direct references.

Someday your friend tells you about how stylish you looked. Then in the very next breath, they tell you about how your shoes did not match with your dress. Actually it was your choice, and that was the way you liked it.

I don’t think anyone has the right to comment upon other people’s choices! How they dress is upto them. If you do not approve, you can look the other way.

Comments from close friends are one thing. But when someone you barely know, puts you down, it’s time to ‘not be nice’. Just walk away.

The life we all want. .

From being independent to being responsible, life has changed a lot. Life is easy when you come out of past and live the moment. The beauty of the moment is only appreciated when you know what it is to be in past. It forces you to believe that good happens to not just others, but you as well. It happened once and it will happen again.

When you feel all doors are closed and there is no way, just stop thinking and go with life. And you will land at a place which is only made for you. Be grateful for what you have. Learn from the choices you made earlier and change yourself for the better. We often make wrong choices when we think more.

Deep down, your heart .. your soul .. exactly knows what you really want. Teach yourself to hear that voice and ignore the thoughts. When you talk positive, you see miracles happening. You see the good in others and forgive them at ease. And slowly, your mind is free and more cheerful and it all appears so easy. Always say, it is easy and keep yourself motivated. Someday you will realize how you had complicated life earlier and do not forget to appreciate yourself for choosing to be positive.

The Value of Life

Yesterday I was reading an article on some site that, 25 out of 100 people die while they’re asleep. Those who wake up each morning are the luckier ones to survive such a death.

This made me think, if we are so lucky to have this life, why don’t some people realize its value?
Don’t they realise seeing a beautiful sunrise each morning is a blessing. Being under this huge sky and making it through the day, is a blessing! There are blessings in every little thing that surround us, we are too consumed in this materialistic world of ours to stop and smell the roses.

Life is a gift given by god. It’s not something human can make. Thus, it doesn’t give us any right to end this life. We’re made to live it.

No one has a right to go against the laws of nature. Suicide is going against the laws. What could be so wrong that you’d want to leave this world? You’re still breathing, which means god still have something in store for you.. Something better. If god has given life, he’ll take it back too, but only when he thinks is the right time! Not when you want to.

This world is a crazy place, with billions of people living with us, we still feel lonely so often. Ever thought why is it so? Maybe because we’re too scared to step out of our shells. The ones that trap us, make us feel so alone that we may even think of ending the life! Those who commit suicide, think of only what has happened, not what WILL happen after they’re gone.
Decisions of life should never be taken solely on the basis of present. We all need to analyse the future results of what we do now.

Just remember what Eminem says, “Life is no Nintendo game.”😊

Dear Son, Understand this about Women!

I don’t care whether or not the world considers me special or extra ordinary.

I’m not sure whether I can be a role model to my child. I can only strive to give him values quite lost today.

It angers me to see the brutality and inhumane level to which we have reached as humans. And it becomes utmost important to gather the broken pieces and ingrain the new values which were not taught well to the men of our generation and the ones previous to them.

Here I stand to let my son know:

-It is an inherent tendency of a woman to multiply. You give a woman even 10% of your love she would quadruple it 100 times by strengthening it into a lifetime relationship. But YOU have to offer TRUE LOVE.

-Never ever treat a woman in any way which asks her to sacrifice on your conditions. She will passionately take care of you and will always be there to support you. But don’t you ever, ever take these qualities for granted.

-If it’s there, tell her. If it’s not there, then surely tell her: truth, truth and truth. Never play around with anyone. Karma will come back to you. I have seen it coming back on many people and it does not see how well you are placed and what you think about it. It will come and it gets you.

-Whichever school you might go to and whatever superior education you get there. You will be defined by your actions. Yes. Show respect. Become a man of actions and not words. You would not need to utter a word. Women are capable of letting the world know when a gentleman is around.

-The Indian tradition of a girl leaving her family and coming to her husband’s house is totally ancient. Think out of the box. Do something different. And if the social circle still insists you, work your way around it. Her parents are as elemental as yours. Respect them the way you respect yours. Where many children are left orphaned, it’s only a blessing to get two set of parents in one lifetime.

-Respect the women whom you are committed with and you will never ever fail. Mark my words in gold.

Remember, respecting a woman is more beautiful than telling her she is beautiful.

Go ahead Son, make your Mommy proud!👍

Gratitude, Thank You God!

From quite some time I rarely log in to my wordpress account. Off late, I have been occupied with several other things and thank God for keeping me so busy, inspite of the fact that I have been frustrated sometimes. But I still want to thank you for keeping my mind off the negative thoughts that disturb me.

It is true that time heals everything, and I have changed with time and so have my thoughts.

I have always asked God for the better things in my life, and he has been too generous towards me. And as well made me realize of the pros and cons of my desires😊
I just want to thank you for keeping me going strong through the times when I had lost all the faith in humanity and in you. And you never fail to get back my faith in you by giving me the best I ought to have.

Thank you for everything and love you for all the happiness you’ve got in my life. Be with me always!
Love you❤️💫

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