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What goes around..comes around!

Life is so uncertain. Things change within moments and our life takes a sudden diversion to an unknown road which we are not prepared for. We live through it whether we like it or not. In the end it is for us to decide on how we dwell with what is coming our way.

We all have been told that we should have certain plans and goals, and we should work towards acheiving that one goal. But why do we forget, that our life is not in our control. I believe, take life as it comes and never expect anything. At this stage of my life, when I turn back and see, my life has never been the way I planned or expected. I never imagined myself in a situation like I am going through now.

Like all, I too had dreams and wished and prayed for them to turn into reality, but they didn’t. This is not the first time I prayed, neither this was the first time that my dream was not fulfilled. But I still don’t stop. Today, my mistakes are solely my mistakes and I don’t blame anybody for this situation. But at the same time, I feel I am blessed. I am blessed coz I know that my life has something different in store for me. It’s amazing to have our lives controlled by something someone unknown. Something which cannot be described and someone who does not exist. Yet we still make plans and we all strive hard to fight against the so called destiny.

Sometimes, I feel life is just about playing hide and seek with destiny, where the destiny always wins. Nothing comes free and neither does life. We need to pay back everything. It’s all karma. And nobody has an option when it comes to life.


Dear God,

We’re grateful that you never leave or forsake us. And we’re grateful for the technology that helps us stay in touch with each other.

Give us the strength to endure this difficult time and deepen our connection with you.

Today help us remember that this time of social distancing and isolation will not last forever.

Empower us with an extra dose of your love, peace, hope and joy. Remind us of your promises and please heal our land. 🙏🏻

Thank God for tomorrow

Some days will be such days that nothing will go right. Everything will seem lousy. Maybe emotionally. Maybe physically.

Just be glad that the day is over and tomorrow is a fresh start.

Wipe off the slate today. It is over. Gone. It exists only in memories now. So leave it behind. Do not dwell on it. Focus your attention on those things that you can do something about.

You can make a change from this very moment if you wish.

So go have that glass of wine (or do whatever you do to relax).
Listen to good music.
Take ten deep breaths.

Let go.

It’s all going to be okay!

Thank God for everything!!

A Thought on Friendships

Why do so many friendships break up even after years of being friends whereas new friends seem closer to you than family?

It has happened to all of us at one point of time or the other, Friends have been unresponsive or failed to come through, for no apparent reason. Sometimes it happens when you need them the most, Yet they choose to be silent.
I wonder why people do that. Is it because they do not know what to say? Or is it because of things going on in their own lives?
Whatever it is, I find it difficult to accept such behavior. May be it is because I would personally never do it and I judge everybody by the same high standards that I have set. May be these are what they call the “fair weather friends” — the ones who laugh with you when things are okay but choose to turn away the moment you have something sad. The good thing is that one knows who one’s true friends are, and one feels grateful to have such true friends. The bad thing is that it makes you feel like such a fool to have judged people so wrongly.

It’s a strange universe of fickle friendships.

We have come into an era where friends support you according to their needs. We are all aware that these relationships might not last forever and it’s probably for the best to have some friendships dissolve.
Always remind yourselves that it is not our fault when friends walk away. You cannot make someone stay in a friendship if they want to leave.

And today I can say with confidence that life is really too short to bother about the ones that left. What matters are the ones that are in your life, at this moment.

You can do nothing if people change.

All you can do is make new friendships, or hope like hell that your old rock-solid dependable ones, stay just so.

Accept What You Cannot Change

God, Grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And wisdom to know the difference.

This serenity prayer is well known.

‘Things I have accepted’

– Friendships break. Even the deepest ones that you thought would last a life time.

– Even your best laid plans can fail. Things will not go the way you planned it.

– People do not reply back to your mails or do not answer your calls or texts because they no longer want you in their lives and not because they did not get your mails or did not get your texts.

– Just because you have the ability to put a fight behind you and carry no grudges it is not the same for everybody. Some people just do not forgive or forget.

– Something that is extremely important and of value to you, sometimes means absolutely nothing to others. They do not understand why it matters so much to you.

– People can stop talking to you for absolutely no reason at all. None from your perspective anyway.

– It is a ‘me-me-me’ world. For the other person a minor head-ache that they have will be more important than the death of your nearest ones.

– I am only human and I too have limited time. I have accepted that I have to say a no. I truly cannot cater to everyone’s request.

Some days I end up working non-stop for long hours, then sometimes I Wish I had a magic wand to speed up things🙂But.. this is the way how it works. I have accepted that too.

Could you connect with these things I mention here too, or is it just me?

Think About It. .

Most of us have been raised to ‘be nice’ to others. We have ingrained it to such an extent that we know no other way. Even when someone puts us down, we say to ourselves ‘Maybe they didn’t mean it that way..’

Here’s the thing: If you felt bad about something that someone said, what is important is not how they meant it, it is how YOU felt about it. People make insulting remarks, out of envy. Sometimes they are hidden. They are not direct references.

Someday your friend tells you about how stylish you looked. Then in the very next breath, they tell you about how your shoes did not match with your dress. Actually it was your choice, and that was the way you liked it.

I don’t think anyone has the right to comment upon other people’s choices! How they dress is upto them. If you do not approve, you can look the other way.

Comments from close friends are one thing. But when someone you barely know, puts you down, it’s time to ‘not be nice’. Just walk away.

The Value of Life

Yesterday I was reading an article on some site that, 25 out of 100 people die while they’re asleep. Those who wake up each morning are the luckier ones to survive such a death.

This made me think, if we are so lucky to have this life, why don’t some people realize its value?
Don’t they realise seeing a beautiful sunrise each morning is a blessing. Being under this huge sky and making it through the day, is a blessing! There are blessings in every little thing that surround us, we are too consumed in this materialistic world of ours to stop and smell the roses.

Life is a gift given by god. It’s not something human can make. Thus, it doesn’t give us any right to end this life. We’re made to live it.

No one has a right to go against the laws of nature. Suicide is going against the laws. What could be so wrong that you’d want to leave this world? You’re still breathing, which means god still have something in store for you.. Something better. If god has given life, he’ll take it back too, but only when he thinks is the right time! Not when you want to.

This world is a crazy place, with billions of people living with us, we still feel lonely so often. Ever thought why is it so? Maybe because we’re too scared to step out of our shells. The ones that trap us, make us feel so alone that we may even think of ending the life! Those who commit suicide, think of only what has happened, not what WILL happen after they’re gone.
Decisions of life should never be taken solely on the basis of present. We all need to analyse the future results of what we do now.

Just remember what Eminem says, “Life is no Nintendo game.”😊

Gratitude, Thank You God!

From quite some time I rarely log in to my wordpress account. Off late, I have been occupied with several other things and thank God for keeping me so busy, inspite of the fact that I have been frustrated sometimes. But I still want to thank you for keeping my mind off the negative thoughts that disturb me.

It is true that time heals everything, and I have changed with time and so have my thoughts.

I have always asked God for the better things in my life, and he has been too generous towards me. And as well made me realize of the pros and cons of my desires😊
I just want to thank you for keeping me going strong through the times when I had lost all the faith in humanity and in you. And you never fail to get back my faith in you by giving me the best I ought to have.

Thank you for everything and love you for all the happiness you’ve got in my life. Be with me always!
Love you❤️💫

Follow Your Heart❤️

Every now and then I get moved by my own imaginations and sometimes they are the best part of my day. I am not into any sort of depression but yes I just don’t feel so good sometimes. I have no idea why… 🤔

Last night I was looking at the endless sky and all my world-ly problems looked so tiny in front of it. May be life is really not as complicated as it looks. May be its just a simple math problem but you are totally applying the wrong approach.
You have to be a little selfish and not care about the people around you for a while. You just have to follow your heart and wherever it takes you – that’s where you will find the happiness you were always looking for.

Even if your heart wants a ridiculously expensive dress which you will hardly wear, just take that. They were made to make you happy after all. Even if that means ordering an abnormally large sized dessert which you won’t ever be able to eat alone.

And even if it means disappointing a few people. You can’t possibly impress everyone about everything. You are bound to make a few mistakes. And I had rather follow my heart and made mistakes. I am young I am allowed to make a few stupid decisions and laugh about them later.😉

As Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) once said “twenties are for mistakes and thirties are to pay for them.”

4 Things I Learned About Women

Women are always stronger than men. Though you can say, she is physically vulnerable, but when it comes to emotions, she is damn stronger than you. She can handle things better on the emotional front.

She is always right. No, she is not always right. It is just that she wants to be heard. Men usually don’t want to include them in their plans, and even don’t want to hear them. This is so of male chauvinism, they go on saying, you are always right without hearing them. Just listen to them, if it gets along with you, it’s great. If not, just calmly tell her, what you feel. She is not going to kill you. All she wants to be heard.

She can sense you. She can easily tell you that you are in some trouble or looking for something. Don’t think she is kind of dumb, she has a kind of special ability to sense those things. So if you are in kind of trouble, tell her, maybe she can help you out.

Do you really think that she is kind of emotional fool? So let’s have a reality check for you, SHE IS NOT. She is not an emotional fool. It is just, she ignore things because she loves you and she doesn’t want to make the damn issue.

She is your mother, She is your love, She is your daughter, She is your friend. So, Respect her, Love her, and let her be her. She is always with you, and always remember, She is only one of her kind!

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