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Dear Son, Understand this about Women!

I don’t care whether or not the world considers me special or extra ordinary.

I’m not sure whether I can be a role model to my child. I can only strive to give him values quite lost today.

It angers me to see the brutality and inhumane level to which we have reached as humans. And it becomes utmost important to gather the broken pieces and ingrain the new values which were not taught well to the men of our generation and the ones previous to them.

Here I stand to let my son know:

-It is an inherent tendency of a woman to multiply. You give a woman even 10% of your love she would quadruple it 100 times by strengthening it into a lifetime relationship. But YOU have to offer TRUE LOVE.

-Never ever treat a woman in any way which asks her to sacrifice on your conditions. She will passionately take care of you and will always be there to support you. But don’t you ever, ever take these qualities for granted.

-If it’s there, tell her. If it’s not there, then surely tell her: truth, truth and truth. Never play around with anyone. Karma will come back to you. I have seen it coming back on many people and it does not see how well you are placed and what you think about it. It will come and it gets you.

-Whichever school you might go to and whatever superior education you get there. You will be defined by your actions. Yes. Show respect. Become a man of actions and not words. You would not need to utter a word. Women are capable of letting the world know when a gentleman is around.

-The Indian tradition of a girl leaving her family and coming to her husband’s house is totally ancient. Think out of the box. Do something different. And if the social circle still insists you, work your way around it. Her parents are as elemental as yours. Respect them the way you respect yours. Where many children are left orphaned, it’s only a blessing to get two set of parents in one lifetime.

-Respect the women whom you are committed with and you will never ever fail. Mark my words in gold.

Remember, respecting a woman is more beautiful than telling her she is beautiful.

Go ahead Son, make your Mommy proud!👍

4 Things I Learned About Women

Women are always stronger than men. Though you can say, she is physically vulnerable, but when it comes to emotions, she is damn stronger than you. She can handle things better on the emotional front.

She is always right. No, she is not always right. It is just that she wants to be heard. Men usually don’t want to include them in their plans, and even don’t want to hear them. This is so of male chauvinism, they go on saying, you are always right without hearing them. Just listen to them, if it gets along with you, it’s great. If not, just calmly tell her, what you feel. She is not going to kill you. All she wants to be heard.

She can sense you. She can easily tell you that you are in some trouble or looking for something. Don’t think she is kind of dumb, she has a kind of special ability to sense those things. So if you are in kind of trouble, tell her, maybe she can help you out.

Do you really think that she is kind of emotional fool? So let’s have a reality check for you, SHE IS NOT. She is not an emotional fool. It is just, she ignore things because she loves you and she doesn’t want to make the damn issue.

She is your mother, She is your love, She is your daughter, She is your friend. So, Respect her, Love her, and let her be her. She is always with you, and always remember, She is only one of her kind!

Journey from Corporate to Motherhood!

My day no more starts with a rush for the office cab and no more presentation to make. I don’t think more about what’s cooking inside my boss’s head and no worries about getting my leaves approved. I don’t have performance matrix to fill and competency scores to prove my worth. I don’t care about why other employees get a better salary hike and not me despite of the hard work I put round the year. So does it mean that life has become simpler? Not indeed but still I’m loving it. . It’s been months since I left my job, but I have actually turned into a full time mother and trust me that’s a competitive job too.

There is an excitement when my baby smiles at my good morning gesture and how he rush to me when I extend my arms towards him. My day doesn’t start at 9, never ends at 6 but it’s in a continuing pace to fulfill desires, expectations and pampering of my little one.


Being a mother there are so many things to do and you remain occupied 24X7. Earlier I had other things to glorify my day but today if my baby has successfully completed his 3 meals, my achievement is done. My calendar is constantly booked with his oil massage, splendor bath, a healthy-meal preparation, a fun-filled stroller ride and series of lullabies to offer. Now I have to discover new ways to draw out his smile even when my back is paining and eyes are melting with sleep. I can’t show my frustration to him as he is too innocent to bear that. So I have to always present my brighter side to him. There has been a shortage of time always but there is no excuse that I can make today. And the most important thing above all, I had expectations from my previous life: monetary, social and physiological but with him – It’s just unconditional love !!

Motherhood, God’s Blessing!

When I hold my child, I know there are so many people who would love to be in my shoes. And I realise how truly blessed I am to be a mom.

picture of happy mother with baby

Motherhood is so much more than those dirty diapers and exhaustion from a lack of sleep. Motherhood is the job – yes, the privilege – of shaping little hearts and minds. And even beyond that, motherhood is one of God’s greatest blessings.

My baby took me to the next level of life happiness. He has given me a closeness in my life I’ve never had before. I love the responsibility I have for this new life – it’s up to me and his dad, how to love him. It’s an unconditional love. I don’t need any reward. The love that has since filled my heart, the fullness that I experience in my life, is indescribable.

Motherhood is a blessing – no matter what the circumstances you currently face.

Somebody said it takes about six weeks to get back to normal after you’ve had a baby

That somebody doesn’t know that once you’re a mother, “Normal”, is history.


Women’s Day!

Do we really need a separate day for women?

Yes we do.

Because we still need to educate the world…

…that it is not a woman’s fault if she is raped.

…that there is nothing wrong with a woman who chooses to be single.

…that there is nothing wrong with a woman who chooses to not have children.

…that it is okay if a woman has chosen to get divorced.

…that daughters are just as good as sons.

…that just because a woman may wear what she wants to attract admiring looks, doesn’t mean she wants to be touched without permission.

…that a woman who is assertive and knows what she wants is not necessarily a bitch.

…that a widow’s life doesn’t have to end once her husband dies.

…that a woman who likes to have sex is not a slut. Especially when a man doing the same is considered a stud.

…that if a woman chooses to sleep with a man, it doesn’t mean she has given him and his friends permission to film it.

…that if a woman chooses to drink and smoke, it doesn’t make her any worse than a man doing the same. 

…that if a woman gets drunk, it is not an open invitation to have sex with her.

…that a woman who works full-time despite having children is not a bad mother. No matter what the ‘experts’ say.

…that a woman who is a stay-at-home-mum by choice is not a curse on woman-hood.

…that women do not need to be isolated when menstruating on a monthly basis and are not ‘impure’.

…that a husband or boyfriend does not have the right to hit his wife or girlfriend.

…that without women, the world would not exist. After all, men can’t continue the human race on their own!

So yes, we still need a day to let the world know that equality does not yet exist for women in several parts of the world. While things are getting better, we still have a long way to go. To accept women as they are rather than judge them for every single thing. 


This is too precious to not share on my blog. I think every woman should read it at least once. And then stick it somewhere so you can read it over and over again.

It’s much more fun to read it here where I read it first.

Originally written by Pamela Redmond Satran and was published in Glamour magazine.

What Every Woman Should Have:

  • One old boyfriend you can imagine going back to (even if you wouldn’t) and one who reminds you of how far you’ve come. 
  • Enough money within your control to move out and rent a place on your own, even if you never want or need to. 
  • Something perfect to wear if the employer or man of your dreams wants to see you in an hour. 
  • A purse, a suitcase and an umbrella you’re not ashamed to be seen carrying. 
  • A youth you’re content to move beyond. 
  • A past juicy enough that you’re looking forward to retelling it in your old age. 
  • A set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill and a black lace bra. 
  • One friend who always makes you laugh and one who lets you cry. 
  • A good piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in your family. 
  • Eight matching plates, wineglasses with stems and a recipe for a meal that will make your guests feel honored. 
  • A resume that is not even the slightest bit padded. 
  • A feeling of control over your destiny. 
  • A skin care regime, an exercise routine and a plan for dealing with those few other facets of life that don’t get better after 30. 
  • A solid start on a satisfying career, a satisfying relationship and all those other facets of life that do get better. 

Every Woman Should Know:

  • How to fall in love without losing yourself. 
  • How you feel about having kids. 
  • How to quit a job, break up with a man and confront a friend without ruining the friendship. 
  • When to try harder and when to walk away. 
  • How to kiss a man in a way that communicates perfectly what you would and wouldn’t like to happen next. 
  • How to have a good time at a party you’d never choose to attend. 
  • How to ask for what you want in a way that makes it most likely you’ll get it. 
  • That you can’t change the length of your calves, the width of your hips or the nature of your parents. 
  • That your childhood may not have been perfect, but it’s over. 
  • What you would and wouldn’t do for love or money. 
  • How to live alone, even if you don’t like it. 
  • Who you can trust, who you can’t, and why you shouldn’t take it personally. 
  • Where to go – be it your best friend’s kitchen table or a charming inn hidden in the woods – when your soul needs soothing. 
  • What you can and can’t accomplish in a day, a month, and a year. 
  • Why they say life begins at 30.

What Women Want!

You know what really turns a girl on? More than kisses more than hugs more than anything in this world – Honesty.

If you are in a relationship of any kind with a girl – friend, sister, girl friend..anyone,if you are not yourself with her, if you are not honest with her you are gonna lose her respect if not her.
I say only respect and not her because girls have this weird habit of letting it go and giving another chance. For them the relationship is just too important to give up on you that easily.

Even if you go and make out with another girl, even if you are a drug addict, even if you bitched about her, even if you think that you need space, even if you think that she is too possessive..even if you are married to another woman..but you still want to be with her..just come and tell her! Believe me she’d eventually forgive you and still love you as much. I mean I know guys who the world thinks can be the best catch, but the reality is they are the biggest jerks of all the times!

For God’s sake always be honest with her! She expects you to share all your troubles with her. If she’s told you that she loves you that automatically means that she’s gonna listen to all your troubles and try and make you comfortable as best as she can. Once she has fallen in love with you trust me she has already stopped judging you!! So kindly have the courage to tell her what you truly feel and what blunders you have truly committed! She will scold you only because it hurts to see someone she loves in trouble. You know she’d find out the truth anyway. But if YOU go and tell her, you would not only feel lighter but will also earn her respect!

Even if you are oh-not-so-cool dude, please don’t try and act like one!! that’s so bloody irritating!!
Please be yourself. Be a simple honest guy who has the guts to be himself and accepts what he is than a wannabe dude with so called super cool ultra low waist jeans and chains or whatever u call those ugly things hanging around the belt but doesn’t know shit about his roots and is too ashamed to accept that he is originally from some small village!!

I am not a feminist and well what ever I just said about how girls give another chance and everything might be true for boys too. I was actually talking about myself the whole time. Basically, the bottom line is I HATE LIARS!!! and I HATE PEOPLE WHO PRETEND!!!

Don’t worry,Be happy~Specially for Indian Women

Chetan Bhagat’s Article in Times Of India~ Specially for Indian Women.

Do Read it and share it with all the women in your life.


Alright, this is not cool at all. A recent survey by Nielsen has revealed that Indian women are the most stressed out in the world:  87% of our women feel stressed out most of the time. This statistic alone has caused me to stress out. Even in workaholic America, only 53% women feel stressed.

What are we doing to our women? ! I’m biased, but Indian women are the most beautiful in the world. As mothers,sisters,daughters, colleagues, wives and girlfriends – we love them. Can you imagine life without the ladies?

Yet, look at how we Indians, a land of spiritual people, treat them. At an extreme, we abort girls before they are born, neglect them in their upbringing, torture them, molest them, sell them, rape them and honour-kill them. Of course, these criminal acts are performed by a tiny minority.

However, a majority of us are involved in lesser crimes. We judge, expect too much, don’t give space and suffocate our women’s individuality. Imagine if you did this to men – won’t they be stressed out?

At a broader level, this isn’t just about our women. We Indians have a habit of exploiting anyone without power.

For now, I want to give Indian women five suggestions to reduce their stress levels.

One, Don’t ever think you are without power. Give it back to that mother-in-law. Be who you are, not someone she wished you would be. She doesn’t like you? That’s her problem.

Two, If you are doing a good job at work and your boss doesn’t value you – tell him that, or quit. Talented, hard-working people are much in demand.

Three, Educate yourself, learn skills, network – figure out ways to be economically independent. So next time your husband tells you that you are not a good enough wife, mother or daughter-in-law, you can tell him to take a hike.

Four, Do not ever feel stressed about having a dual responsibility of family and work. It is difficult, but not impossible. The trick is not to expect an A+ in every aspect of your life. You are not taking an exam, and you frankly can’t score cent per cent (unless you are in SRCC, of course). It is okay if you don’t make four dishes for lunch, one can fill their stomach with one. It is okay if you don’t work until midnight and don’t get a promotion. Nobody remembers their job designation on their dying day.

Five, Most important, don’t get competitive with other women. Someone will make a better scrapbook for her school project than you. Another will lose more weight with a better diet. Your neighbour may make a six-dabba tiffin for her husband, you don’t – big deal. Do your best, but don’t keep looking out for the report card, and definitely don’t expect to top the class. There is no ideal woman in this world, and if you strive to become one, there will be only one thing you will achieve for certain – stress.

So breathe, chill, relax. Tell yourself you are beautiful, do your best and deserve a peaceful life. Anybody trying to take that away from you is making a mistake, not you. Your purpose of coming to this earth is not to please everyone. Your purpose is to offer what you have to the world, and have a good life in return.

The next time this survey comes, I don’t want to see Indian women on top of the list. I want them to be the happiest women in the world. Now smile, before your mother-in-law shouts at you for wasting your time reading the newspaper.

Cherish Womanhood !!! 🙂

Don’t Abort The Girl Child


15Jun:- I get attached with mom.

17Jun:- I am a tissue now.

30Jun:- Mom said to dad, ‘you are going to be a father’.

MOM-DAD are very Happy.

15Jul:- My food is what my mom eats.

15Sep:- I can feel my heartbeat.

14Oct:- I have little hands, legs, head and a stomach.

13Nov:- Today I was in an ultrascan.

Wow! I am a girl.

14Nov:- I was DEAD!

My mom and dad killed me..

WHY? 😦

Is it just because I was a girl?


DaughterOne Of The Most Beautiful Creations Of GOD.

Shahrukh Khan- Actor
Earning Rs. 247 per minute

Brij Mohanlal Munjal- Chairman (Hero Honda Motors)
Earning Rs. 255 per minute

Amitabh Bachchan- Actor
Earning Rs. 361 per minute

Mukesh Ambani- Chairman (Reliance Industries)
Earning Rs. 413 per minute

Sachin Tendulkar- Cricketer
Earning Rs. 1,163 per minute

Indra Nooyi- CEO (PepsiCo)
Earning Rs. 2,911 per minute

Men Vs Women

1. All men are extremely busy.
2. Although they are so busy, they still have time for women.
3. Although they have time for women, many don’t really appreciate them.
4. Although many don’t appreciate them, they always have one around.
5. Although they always have one around them, many try their luck with others.
6. Although they try their luck with others, they get really pissed off if the woman leaves them.
7. Although the woman leaves them they still don’t learn from their mistakes and still try their luck with others.

1. The most important thing for a woman is financial security.
2. Although this is so important, they still go out and buy expensive clothes and stuff.
3. Although they always buy expensive clothes, they never have something to wear.
4. Although they never have something to wear, they always dress beautifully.
5. Although they always dress beautifully, their clothes are always just “an old rag”.
6. Although their clothes are always “just an old rag”, they still expect you to compliment them.
7. Although they expect you to compliment them, when you do, they don’t believe you.

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