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Ego-‘Big Social Problem in India’

The ego is one of the most self-destructive mechanisms of a person’s character and his or her abilities. The ego is that which separates you from the Reality, from the Truth, from the ultimate Source. A person becomes a slave to his ego when he thinks of selfish gains. On the one hand, he is pulled by his selfish desires, and on the other, he is alarmed by his inner voice.

Ego driven people continually live in the past and always plan for the future. They never live in the moment. They are always thinking of the next great phase of their life, even when this one is perfect. 

In India, Ego can be termed as a big social problem. Most of the people are highly egoistic and did not want to compromise on it. Especially people, who rise to higher ranks or get high positions in society or become rich starts classifying themselves as different class of people than the rest of people. There are many examples where people use their power to exploit other because only they want to satisfy their own ego. Ego clash can be seen among people of same class. People are usually hurrying to criticize others, only because these people have hurt their ego.

In office rivalries are mostly result of hatreds grown due to ego clashes. Many bosses in Indian offices are more concerned with their own ego satisfaction rather than the benefits of company or government.

Ego problems are not restrained only up to office or societies but they are very well present inside Indian homes. Ego problems can be seen between all the relations of Father-son, husband-wife, brother-brother or brother-sister, no relations are left alone by the ego problem.In countries like America, the couples do household works together, but it is not the case in India. Here, women have to do the household works alone while the husbands sit in front of the TV or read the newspaper slouching in a couch. There are , of course, husbands who help wives, but majority of husbands fall into the other category. 

With the advent of new technologies and advancement in higher education, these problems are becoming even worse. Now days, a small school going boy or girl also have big ego to satisfy.  It looks that people have forgotten the art of forgiving and respect for others. We are only and only concerned with our and only our ego.

The most important step towards self-transformation is to shed one’s ego. When you can learn to let go of the ego, the level of success and fulfillment you will achieve will be dramatic.

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