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Have Faith in Yourself – Achieve Success!

How much faith do you have in yourself? 100%, 200%, if it’s to this scale, then how can you be under a state of self doubt in any challenging situation?

Difficult situation is not new to any one of us, perhaps in a day we come across it many times, but there if we have complete faith in our self, our abilities, our courage, and our intelligence then we should know that this situation is nothing else but the test of that faith. In school do you remember, just minutes before the exam, that state of fear, uncertainty, self doubt, but if and only if we have faith in our preparation, we are confident that we shall secure good marks; then for sure we shall pass the test not only with good marks but also come out stronger and achiever.

The higher standards/classes you reach in school and college, the more difficult the exam gets. But in the end even the degree achieved is higher, which is achieved only and only after passing the exams. Just similar is the situation in life now, the only difference is you are not in school or college there is no set time for the exam and test does not come in the form of an examination paper. `

So next time you are in a challenging situation, remember it is the test of life you are going through just to become stronger for the next level, to achieve more success and happiness in life you have to go through it. And how well do you go through this, would depend upon how much faith do you have in yourself, how well are you prepared for your test? Trust me we all have a diamond inside, only thing it is hidden somewhere. We are never given a situation we can’t deal with; it just requires some additional effort, some more introspection.

Few steps to start with:

• Stop thinking of what you can’t do but begin to think, of the things that you can do. Be a “yes” type of person, atleast to yourself.
• When grabbing opportunities, place your heart into it. Again, believe that you’ll make things happen with this opportunity in hand.
• As you can see, it’s all in the mind. Start with positive thoughts and the rest will follow. For a month practice only positive talk with yourself, even if a negative thought comes convert it to positive.

If you think, you can achieve very little with faith, then don’t forget you can do nothing without it.

HAVE FAITH, its possible, you can do it.


There is a small voice inside you which is always guiding you. You may call it your intuition. And if we follow our intuition we never really lose the right path. But at times there are so many voices inside your head that it becomes difficult to know which one is your intuition. Logic tells you to do something, your near and dear ones ask you to do other things so how do you get a clear picture? We get confused! which one is intuition or the right path for us?

Before you begin to decide first be confident of yourself. Its your life and you have to take decision for yourself.

Be courageous enough to accept failures if there may be some (Generally there will be none if you follow your instinct) and the thing about instinct or intuition is most of the time it tells you to follow a path that every one else is asking you to avoid. But unless you become confident and the small voice inside tells you to attempt it donot do it, and of course get all the details, think of all possibilities and still you think you can and you want to do it then go ahead with a faith in yourself and in the great lord … he will never choose a path for you which you cannot tread. And then your karma becomes your destiny. Create a destiny for yourself ! Good or bad is in your hand….

You know Who Cares?

who cares when you are not happy?
who cares when you are crying secretly?
who cares when you are thinking too much?
who cares when you are nowhere?
who cares when you are heart broken?
who cares when you are regretting for something?
who cares when you are repenting for something?
who cares when you are depressed or disappointed?
who cares when you are all alone???
No one but He…
No matter what’s your religion, He’s always there for you when you call Him.

One who’s far above the sky but then near to your own jugular vein. The only one .. & all you need to find Him..

The song I was listening is inspiration for these lines. Listen Here. For those who don’t understand Urdu or Hindi, English lyrics of this song..
If the destinations get hazy,
lower your sight for a moment,
wherever your head bows down,
there only the way to God is found,
You Change your luck
Be strong, just start moving,
My footprints are your companion
and You don’t know God is nearby..
Just open your Heart window and find Him next to you, cry in front of him and He is the Best Friend; who will keep our secrets to Him.
I love you God for everything.. !! Make me more strong please.
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