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Is Woman Really Free?

No more eyebrows are raised at the thought of a woman going out to work. Thanks to the various organizations, authors and feministic critics who have struggled a lot for the freedom of woman.

Apparently a woman is free enough to pursue her wishes.She has ventured and succeeded in all the fields of knowledge. In the present state of society, woman is walking equal steps to man. Women’s position, both inside and outside the house, has been changed and elevated from that of the position what our grandmother and mother had tolerated. But if the entire situation is placed under scrutiny then an altogether different picture will appear before us. Actually we will find that the position of women is no better than before.

Still in India the birth of a baby-boy to a baby-girl gives more pleasure to many parents. There are many such parents who pamper their sons while deprive their daughters from basic needs. It is believed that women are weak, both physically and mentally.Though the mental strength of women varies but the fact of feminine physical weakness, cannot be ruled out completely. The biological structure of women has tied their hands. For men she has always been an object of lust and desire. Her structure itself has prohibited women from many activities. A woman cannot travel alone at night or she cannot go to any unknown places. Woman is always exposed to the risk of deflowering.

All along women are taught to acquire the so-called qualities of a woman like susceptibility of heart, delicacy of sentiment and refinement of taste which are again synonymous with label of weakness. It is expected that a girl should be a goddess of meekness and mercy. It is as if the duty of women to forgive men for any of their crimes. Again the qualities like bravery, courage and rashness are called masculine. The girl’s formal lessons at home prepares her to acquire the femininity.

In a woman’s life marriage plays a very crucial role.A lot of changes take place in her life. They face a different situation in life. But their slavery only changes from their father to husband. As before marriage a girl is supposed to listen to her father so after marriage a good wife should listen to her husband. All the vital decisions of the house are always taken by the male members of the family. Marriage itself is an institution of intolerance.

In many countries, still men and women are paid unequal wages for equal works. If it is seen honestly, we will find that women work more than men. In case of working women, the problem is worse. They have to do all the works, both inside and outside of the house. Moreover they have the additional work of child bearing, giving birth and rearing it.

Women face various kinds of hurdles in their life but domestic violence add to their woes. Domestic violence is prevalent in the lower class of people. Women have to withstand extreme punishments. There is no relief from her agonies.

There is a notion that women enhance the beauty of the house. Many women are also with this kind of concept. They find pleasure in thinking themselves the queen of the house.But actually their activities are only the outcome of their husband’s wishes. Housewives are financially dependent on their husbands. Even working women are not fully independent.


Is there any end of this lifelong oppression? When would they actually be free? Free of injustice and domination?

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