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Things are changing every split second and my tiny brain gets confused with a lot of cell diffusions happening constantly. I promise I am not going to talk like a spiritual saint, but just a few things that I realised off late.

As time passes by, I see a lot of people doing things and hovering around people for their own gain, also with a specific goal in their mind, well and good, it’s just that I have tried doing something like this for personal favours but it never gives me inner peace… Why should I follow the crowd? According to one of my friend, professional relations are way better than emotional bonds, well, this topic is pretty debatable so let’s not get into that, but after constant attempts of trying to do something which does not make me happy is not such a good idea, so the answer to that is simple.. I won’t try any further.

Also at times like this when I feel like a complete loser, God decides to take a disguised form and gives me a reason to smile.

After constant mistakes and learnings, I have decided to try to implement a few things:

~Do what I believe in.

~Connect to my inner voice.

~Work hard and if it come across failure, I would give it one big hug.. 🙂

~Try not to crib and see good qualities in people always (very difficult to implement)

~Try my best at what I want to do and then leave the rest on Destiny!!!

~Find more reasons to be happy.


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